Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

hanger type shot blasting machine in india

What is a Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine?

Hanger type shot blasting machine can be used for shot blasting small, medium and large components. It is the most flexible and versatile shot blasting machine of all that are available with us. It comes in two options the standard single door option or two door option with the hook mounted on the door.

Hanger type shot blasting machine can be split into categories the batch type machine in which a batch of components moves in hanging on the hanger, starts rotating and gets blasted. When one batch completes the second batch can be loaded for blasting.

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The other one is the continuous type machine with a monorail system that moves the parts continuously through the machine. In this type of shot blasting machine the components to be blasted are hooked to a fabricated hanger which is suspended on the machine hook that moves through the machine thereby exposing the components to a stream of abrasives being propelled by the two blast wheels on the side walls of the machine.  

Let’s understand both types of Hanger type shot blasting machine in detail:

Batch Type Machine – It is an ideal machine for reconditioning of metal parts and metal components in the most economical way. Procedures like desanding and decoring of components that are susceptible to impact damage or breakage can be easily carried out. Both small and large parts can be blasted quickly and economically.

Some examples of these machines are:

  • Spinner hanger type blasting machine
  • Overhead Rail blasting machines

Continuous Type Machine – These machines have a monorail system that moves the components to be blasted continuously through the machine as mentioned above therefore the production sequence is automated resulting in an efficient and a very cost effective blasting process. These machines are customized based on the requirements of the customer and mono rail system can be customized to suit the specific needs.

Some applications of Hanger type shot blasting machine are:

  • Aluminium die casting industry uses these machines to clean the components effectively.
  • Components that are heat treated such as Gears and crank shafts are cleaned effectively.
  • Tractor components, Forged components and Castings are cleaned effectively.
  • Surface preparation before powder coating or recoating of the components.
  • Small and Large components such as engine blocks and Pump castings are cleaned in an efficient and economical manner using the Hanger type Shot Blasting machine.

Some examples of these machines are:

  • Continuous overhead rail blasting machine
  • Customized overhead rail blasting machine for heavy duty applications

Manufacturer of Hanger type shot blasting machine in India – Maan Global Industries

With over 2 decades of combined experience in the Automotive OEM industry and the blasting industry we offer the most economical and high quality shot blasting machines in India. There are many manufacturers and traders of shot blasting machines in India but our focus is not on sales but on the providing our customers with high quality shot blasting machines and a prompt after sales service.

All our shot blasting machines are made of highest quality of raw materials and have longer life and this is what makes us the best manufacturer of Hanger type shot blasting machine in India.

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