Best High Temperature Furnace Manufacturers in India, Muffle furnace manufacturer, Aluminum Melting Rotary furnace manufacturers in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Faridabad, Kolkata

high temperature furnace manufacturers

High temperature furnace, Muffle Furnace or Electric furnaces are for industrial use in various heat treatment and metal melting processes. These furnaces, especially muffle furnace is made of refractory material that is high temperature resistant and can produce temperature upto 1800 degree Celsius. Muffle furnaces and High temperature furnaces often use electric heating elements that are free of of any ash or post combustion residues. MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES is the most renowned High temperature furnace manufacturers in India and Suppliers of Muffle furnaces and Electric furnaces in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Faridabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore.

Here’s a very useful article on waste heat reduction and recovery for improving efficiency of high temperature furnaces in industrial use.

High Temperature Muffle Furnace

muffle furnace manufacturers

Furnace Type Muffle Furnace
Price Rs. 40,000
Material Mild Steel
Finishing Powder Coated
Heating Range Upto 1150 degree Celsius
Power 230 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase
Heating Space 120 to 350 cubic inches

We are the leading High Temperature Muffle Furnace manufacturers on the market since 2008. Muffle Furnaces are used for hardening, tempering, and annealing purposes.


  • Over temperature and short circuit breaker
  • Good heating space
  • Ceramic shelf doubles work area ideal for heating small parts
  • Choose between electronic single set point control and programmable control

Industrial Electric High Temperature Furnace Manufacturers

Furnace Type Small Electric Furnace
Power Source Electric
Price Rs. 80,000 Lacs
Manufacturer MGI – Electric furnace Manufacturer
Type Of Furnace Fix
Max Temperature (degree Celsius) 500-1000 degree Celsius
Rated Power (KW) 4.5
Input Voltage (V) 415
Furnace Voltage (V) 415
Max OperatingTemperature 1000’c
Interior Dimension (LxBxH) 12″ x 12″ x 12″
Thermocouple Type Head

Being in the thermal energy processing equipment manufacturing industry, MGI has become one of the leading high temperature furnace manufacturers in India.

Tempering Furnace Voltage: 440 V

tempering furnace

Furnace Type Tempering Furnace
Price Rs. 5,00,000 Lacs
Max Temperature 400 to 500 degree Celsius
Brand MGI
Phase Three
Usage/Application Annealing for Amorphous
Voltage 440 V
Frequency 50 Hz

Forging Furnace

Furnace Type Forging Furnace
Brand MGI
Price Rs. 4,00,000 Lacs
Max Temperature 400-800 degree Celsius
Material Loading Capacity 500kg to 1.5Ton
Voltage 240 V
Ignition Gas Fired

Forging Furnace manufacturer and high temperature furnace manufacturers in India for diverse industries. Our forging furnaces are manufactured by our team of designers using only the finest quality raw materials and progressive technology in line with industry standards. Electrically heated high temperature furnace manufacturers provide units based on specifications of our clients.

Bell Type Annealing Furnace

Furnace Type Bell Type Annealing Furnace
Price Rs. 5,00,000 Lacs
Manufacturer MGI
Process Material Iron
Material Loading Capacity (T) 500kgs
Power Source Electric
Type Of Furnace Fix
Power cutomised
Rated Power (KW) customised
Melting Time min
Power Consumption cutomised
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit

Pusher Hearth Furnace – High Temperature Furnace Manufacturers

Furnace Type Pusher Hearth Furnace
Brand MGI
Process Material Steel Bars, Tubes, Forging parts, casting parts
Power Source Electric
Price Rs. 6,50,000 Lacs
Material Loading Capacity 3000-5000 kg
Max Temperature 0-500 degree Celsius
Voltage 380 V

MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES is an industrial furnace manufacturing company that produces Continuous Type Oven, Drum Heating Oven, Electrode Drying Oven, Trolley Oven and many more. We offer these products at competitive prices to our respected clientele within the defined time duration.

Rotary Furnace

Furnace Type Rotary Furnace
Price Rs. 8,00,000 Lacs
Manufacturer MGI
Melting Material Aluminum
Material Loading Capacity 1500-3000 kg, 3000-5000 kg, >5000 kg
Power Source Oil Fired/ Gas fired/ Electric
Max Temperature (degree Celsius) 0-500,500-1000,1000-1500,1500-2000
Process Material Aluminium/ Copper/ Lead

MGI is the leading manufacturer of Lead Recycling Plants, Mini Blast Furnace, Rotary Furnace and all types of High Temperature Furnace.

Aluminium Gas Tilting Rotary Furnace

aluminum melting rotary furnace

Furnace Type Aluminum Melting Gas Tilting Furnace
Price Rs. 15,00,000 Lacs
Brand MGI
Melting Material Aluminium
Power Source Gas
Type Of Furnace Fix
Max OperatingTemperature 750
Thermocouple Type K type
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic

We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Aluminium Scrap Recycling Plant, Lead Battery Scrap Recycling Plant, Copper Scrap recycling Plant, Vacuum Ladle, Aluminium Transfer Ladle, Aluminium Crucible Furnace, Aluminium Ingot Casting Machine, Copper Recycling Plant, Lead Refining Pot, Rotary Furnace and Billet Reheating Furnace.

High Temperature Furnace Manufacturers in Mumbai

Manufacturer of High Temperature furnaces in Mumbai that are excellent in performance over a long period of time are are suitable for wide range of heating, annealing and melting applications. Muffle furnaces give trouble free performance at substantially high temperature i.e. 1000 – 2500 degree celcius. As a leading high temperature muffle furnace manufacturers in Mumbai, MGI is the a well known supplier of muffle furnaces in Maharashtra.

Muffle Furnace Manufacturers & Supplier in Pune

For high temperature heating application, Muffle furnaces are the first choice since old days but with the advancement in heating technology and availability of high-quality heating elements, it has become easier to achieve temperatures of over 1000 degree celsius while saving electricity at the same time. MGI is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Muffle furnaces in Pune, Maharashtra.

High Temperature Furnace Supplier & Manufacturers in Delhi

Manufacturers and Supplier of High temperature furnaces in Delhi that are built using high-quality raw material and refractory. Semi-automatic or Automatic units are designed as per the customer’s requirements. High temperature furnace manufacturers in Delhi that manufactures forging furnaces, electric furnaces, aluminum melting furnaces, casting furnaces, oil furnaces, heat treatment furnaces and rotary furnaces for diverse industries.

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Industrial furnaces in Hyderabad

Industrial furnaces are required in various industries that require high temperature for metal processing and heating applications of over 500 degree celsius such as Forging industry, casting industry, aluminum recycling industry etc. MGI is among the leading manufacturers of Industrial furnaces and suppliers of industrial electric furnaces in Hyderabad. 

High Temperature Furnace Manufacturers in Bangalore

When you require temperature above 600 degree celsius for metal heating, annealing or melting purposes, high temperature furnaces play a crucial role. As high temperature furnaces manufacturers in Bangalore, MGI custom manufactures industrial furnaces for various heat treating applications.

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Best High Temperature Furnace Manufacturers in India, Muffle furnace manufacturer, Aluminum Melting Rotary furnace manufacturers in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Faridabad, Kolkata

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