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A Die Preheating Oven is used in tool rooms and die making industries for pre heating dies before further machining process. A preheating oven yields a few specific benefits for various industrial processes such as improved machinability and ductility. For over 2 decades Maan global industries is the best die pre heating oven manufacturer in India.

die pre heating oven

Maan Global Industries manufactures preheating ovens with a range of benefits for aluminum extruders, forging industries, plastic mould industries, rubber industries and die manufacturers. Several industrial processes are served by the Die Preheating Oven like that of heating a product before performing secondary procedures like fitting, coating, welding, and forming. Both the Conveyor and Batch configuration is available for the preheat ovens.

Preheating dies in an oven with perfect sealing offers numerous benefits such as less power consumption, faster heat up times and minimum thermal losses which brings in significant cost benefits to the companies.

Our Die Pre heating oven allows a simplified and independent handling of each die in a separate heating chamber, protecting the temperature of the other ones already under process.

The die is seated on a sliding trolley or a tray with a very limited mass, therefore with low thermal capacity and bland radiation.

Maan Global Industries is the leading die pre heating oven manufacturer in India that offers pre heating oven in various sizes and shapes.

The rigid structure with independent heating chamber saves a considerable amount of energy, because the heat that escapes when you open a single chamber of the oven is much lower than the one lost every time you lift the lid of a traditional oven.

The separate chambers in die preheating oven allows dies with different temperatures to be taken out separately without affecting the heating of the overall oven chambers.

Preheat Ovens are used for preheating parts before they are used in some type of application.  Most of our preheat ovens are custom-designed for preheating Forging dies, rubber moulds, plastic dies, Extruder Die Packs and Filter assemblies.

Controls of Pre Heating Oven by Maan Global Industries

  • Precise PID temperature control
  • Operating Temperature Range : 150°C up to 550°C
  • Simple operation and complete safety protection function
  • High volume recirculation blower for uniform temperature
  • Audible and visible alarm indicators
  • Indication Lights
  • Control Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Uniformity: ±5°C
  • Available input power supply to your specifications
  • Temperature recorder (optional)
  • PLC with HMI(touch panel) (optional)
  • Programmable temperature controllers (optional)

Safety Features

  • Separate excess temperature interlock to turn off heat on malfunction of main temperature controller
  • Electrical interlock shuts off heat if recirculating blower is broken

Features of Die Pre heating Oven

  • Recirculating Blower – A blower with a totally enclosed fan cooled motor was installed on the oven to evenly distribute the heat around the extruder dies.   It was mounted on the side of the oven for forced convection, allowing the parts to be heated quickly.
  • Control Panel – The digital PID Controller is mounted on the control panel .  A standard “ON/OFF”  indicating light was also provided, which is bright enough to be seen from a distance.
  • Exterior – The exterior is constructed of carbon steel.
  • Interior – The interior is constructed of stainless steel.  It has heating elements installed at the bottom of the oven.
  • Front loading or Top loading as per request
  • Durable tubular heating elements
  • All welded construction
  • Durable recirculating blower
  • Adjustable exhaust outlet damper
  • Durable loading shelf
  • Insulated with alumina silicate fibre insulation

Product Specification

Temperature Range

150°C up to 550°C

Power supply

415 Volts Three Phase 50Hz / 60Hz

Air-Flow Direction

Vertical Airflow / Horizontal Airflow

Chamber Dimensions

250mm x 250mm up to 3000mm x 3000mm

Material Placement

Trolley or Trays

Heating Media

Electric Tubular Heater or Strip Heaters

Inner Chamber

MS, SS 304

Outer Chamber

MS, SS 304 


Front glass window if required

We are listed amongst the renowned organizations engaged in providing a superior quality range of Die Pre Heating Oven. The offered oven is used for Die pre heating purpose across various industries. Smooth operations, minimum maintenance, easy installation and user friendliness are features of offered oven. We are also a leading Electric Heating Oven manufacturer in India offering industrial and heating ovens for sale in different specifications to meet the varied needs of customers at most affordable prices. This industrial oven is available in 150°C up to 550°C temperature range.

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