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A core sand mixer is a machine used in the foundry industry to mix and blend sand, binders, and other materials used to create molds for metal casting. The mixer usually consists of a rotating drum that mixes the components together, creating a homogenous mixture that is then used to create the mold. The type of core sand mixer used depends on the type and volume of sand being mixed, as well as the desired final consistency and mixing time. Some common types of core sand mixers include horizontal mixers, continuous mixers, and intensive mixers. Maan Global Industries is the leading core sand mixer manufacturer, foundry mixer machine manufacturer, concrete mixer machine and muller mixer machine manufacturer in India. Sand mixing is a crucial process in the foundry and construction industry which as some basic principles that need to be followed while manufacturing sand mixers for maintaining uniformity during the mixing process.

core sand mixer manufacturer

Core Sand Mixer Machine manufacturer by MGI are specially designed, sturdy constructions and straight forward maintenance highest quality and tested raw materials are used and hence long life ensured even at a scrapper high working rate.

MGI Core Sand Mixer starts from 50kg to 500kg Capacity

Low cost core Sand Mixer manufacturer and Muller mixer machine manufacturer for customers world-wide. The high-grade raw material is used whilst fabricating these products. Core sand mixer manufacturer Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Nashik.

Our products are exclusively designed by skilled craftsmen, professional team and the latest machine at our well-equipped production unit. These machines are highly powerful in mixing the sand with liquid materials. Cheap Muller mixer manufacturer in India for foundry and construction applications.

Technical Specifications of 50kg Core Sand Mixer Machine

Capacity 50 kg
Door Opening Side
Crib Height 500mm
Pan Diameter Side
Branded Motor 3 HP
Technical Specifications of 75 kg core sand mixer
Capacity 75kg
Door Opening Side
Crib Height 500mm
Pan Diameter 700mm
Branded Motor 3 HP
Technical Specifications of 120 kg Core Sand Mixer Machine
Capacity 120 kg
Door Opening Side
Crib Height 550mm
Pan Diameter 900 mm
Branded Motor 7.5 HP
Technical Specifications of 150 kg mixer
Capacity 150 kg
Door Opening Side
Crib Height 550 mm
Pan Diameter  1000mm
Branded Motor 10 HP
Technical Specifications of our 250 kg 
Capacity 250 kg
Door Opening Side
Crib Height 600 mm
Pan Diameter  1250mm
Branded Motor 12.5 HP
Technical Specifications of our 500 kg Core Sand Mixer Machine
Capacity 500 kg
Door Opening Side
Crib Height 700 mm
Pan Diameter 1600 mm
Branded Motor  25 HP
Two scrapers are provided for combined mixing and aerating action. One aerating the sand the periphery of the pan and therefore the other round the center block. These scrapers are so arranged that sand is continually through within the path of rollers which ensure through mixing & mulling.
Right type and size of bearing and use of more number of bearing in cover the lifetime of the machine and consume less power.
A core sand mixer is a crucial piece of equipment for foundries, and choosing the right manufacturer is crucial to ensure the production process runs smoothly. The core sand mixer manufacturer should have a proven track record of producing high-quality, reliable mixers that meet the specific requirements of the foundry. The selected core sand mixer manufacturer should also provide excellent customer support and offer after-sales services such as maintenance and repair. When selecting a core sand mixer manufacturer, it’s important to consider factors such as the manufacturer’s experience, reputation, and product portfolio, to ensure you choose a manufacturer that can deliver a mixer that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
  • Assembling & disassembling process is straight forward for preventive & ordinary maintenance
  • Heavy shape for doorways hinges & brackets
  • Mechanical seals for motor
  • Sturdy & strong design
  • Special scrappers to easy edges of important body shell
  • Rotor blades very sturdy, free & proper lubricated, first-rate angular & carbide guidelines brazed
  • Environmental friendly operation, no dust leakage or loss of fines.
The offered core sand mixer is engineered for the foundry industry for better mixing of sand and we outrank Disa sand mixer . Leading core sand mixer manufacturer in India, muller mixer machine manufacturer, Twin shaft concrete mixer, planetary mixer, concrete batching plants manufacturer in India.

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