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A twin shaft concrete mixer is a piece of construction equipment that is used to mix and blend the raw materials used in the production of concrete, such as cement, water, sand, and aggregate. The mixer consists of two parallel horizontal shafts that rotate in opposite directions and are equipped with a series of blades or paddles that mix the ingredients as they are fed into the mixer. As a leading Twin Shaft concrete mixer manufacturer in India, our concrete mixers are built for consistent mixing, high output ratio and long service life. Here’s an in-depth research paper on mixing technologies involving twin shaft concrete mixers.


Twin shaft concrete mixers are known for their high efficiency, fast mixing times, and ability to produce high-quality, homogenous concrete mixtures. They are commonly used on large construction projects, such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and infrastructure projects, as well as in precast concrete production facilities. Low cost planetary concrete mixer and Twin Shaft concrete mixer manufacturer in India offers complete range of construction machinery such as concrete batching plants and sand mixers.

Advantages of twin shaft concrete mixers include their ability to handle large volumes of concrete, their ability to mix the ingredients quickly and thoroughly, and their ability to produce concrete of consistent quality. They are also relatively low maintenance and durable, making them a cost-effective solution for many construction projects.

How Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Works?

Twin-shaft mixers are equipped with mixing blades on both mixing shafts that are geometrically arranged so they follow the pattern of an interrupted spiral. This motions the materials to be mixed in a screw-like pattern both along the mixing shafts and on each shaft in opposite directions. On the ends of both shafts the mixing blades are positioned in a counter direction so they can transport the mix onto the opposing shaft. This way, the materials are constantly rotating around the mixing trough. At the same time, the material rotating process also takes place in an inward turning spiral. This results in an intensive three-dimensional movement of material. As an experienced Twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturer for the construction industry, we take pride in supplying highly durable concrete mixers to our customer world-wide.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer offers intense mixing mechanism and much higher production rates compared to other types of concrete mixers. The two mixing circuits overlap in the middle to further increase the intensity of the relative motion. This creates a high turbulent zone in the middle of the mixing trough and intensifies the mixing process. It is possible to achieve 95% homogeneity with only 30 seconds of mixing time.

Cement is the most important and most costly raw material in concrete production, typically 10% of the mix design and 90% of the cost. Only an excellent concrete mixer can guarantee the most efficient use of this high-value raw material. Various tests have shown that a twin-shaft batch mixer can produce concrete of a given strength with less cement then other mixing methods and types. Find a low cost twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturer in India for all your mixing needs.

The twin-shaft mixer is also an important solution for unique operational requirements. For example, ice for cooling the concrete and or steam for heating is possible. A twin-shaft mixer can also accommodate small batches, expecting the same mixing performance and results. Concrete mixes with course aggregate sizes up to 7″ can be processed.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Technical Specifications

MGI 1.0

MGI 2.0

MGI 3.0

MGI 5.0

Types MB-T 1.0 m³ MB-T 2.0 m³ MB-T 3.0 m³ MB-T 5.0 m³
Loading Dry Capacity 1.5 m³ 3 m³ 5 m³ 7.5 m³
Fresh Concrete Capacity 1.25 m³ 2.5 m³ 4.16 m³ 6.25 m³
Compacted Concrete Output 1.0 m³ 2.0 m³ 3.33 m³ 5 m³
Motor Power 2×18,5 kW 2×37 kW 2×55 kW 2×90 kW
Mixer Weight 3,500 kg 5,200 kg 7,500 kg 8,430 kg
Mixer Body Welded, Painted (Primer+Color)
Motor Safety Adjustable Thermic Overload Protection Relay
Gearbox/Transmission Planetary type 
Main Body Wearing Plates High Manganese – 16 mm thickness, replaceable
Mixing Arm Wearing Plates Hardox or High Manganese – 16 mm thickness, replaceable
Discharge Gate Hydraulic/Manual/Pneumatic as per customer demand
Water Distribution From nozzles over shafts
Emergency Stop Button 1 Lockable Type
Discharge Chute With replaceable wearing liners

Who is the best Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Manufacturer in India?

There are several global twin shaft manufacturers such as Zoomlion, Sicoma, Liebherr and STETTER. However, we are the leading manufacturers of twin shaft concrete mixers in the Indian market. Maan Global Industries, a leading construction equipment manufacturer has a wide range of twin shaft concrete mixers, designed to meet different production capacities and specific requirements of different construction projects. Our twin shaft concrete mixers are known for their high efficiency, durability, and precision in mixing concrete. If you are looking for a low-cost twin shaft concrete mixer for sale in India, UAE, Oman, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Qatar then contact us today.

Furthermore, the quality of the raw materials and components used in our twin shaft concrete mixers is also highly praised in the industry. The company uses top-grade steel and other materials to ensure the longevity and reliability of their equipment. The advanced technology used in the manufacturing process also ensures consistent mixing results and reduces the possibility of downtime during a project. Overall, MGI is a trusted and reliable twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturer in the Indian market.

Advantages of a Twin Shaft concrete mixer

Consistently high mixture homogeneity and short mixing cycles

  • Rapid increase in mixture homogeneity through intensive material exchange
  • Uniform consistency and homogeneity in every mixing cycle

Optimum energy efficiency

  • Excellent mixing performance despite low mixer speed
  • Preservation of the grain structure of the formulation’s individual components
  • Low specific energy consumption due to short mixing times, optimized mixing mechanism and efficient drive

Efficient production of concrete

  • Excellent liberation of binders in a short time
  • Creates potential for reducing the required amount of binder
  • Possibility of small batches as low as 10% of the nominal filling level
  • Safe investment in view of modern concrete formulations

What is the cost of a Twin Shaft concrete mixer?

A twin shaft  concrete mixer price starts from Rs. 7,50,000 lacs and goes upto Rs. 15,00,000 lacs depending on the batch size capacity and output require per hour. Cost goes up depending on the raw materials used such as High manganese lined mixing chamber, heat treated hardened mixing shaft and shovels. Concrete mixer machine price also depends on the automation grade. If you are looking for a low-cost twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturer in India, then look no further because Maan Global Industries is a leader in construction equipment manufacturing and offer cheap yet durable concrete mixers world-wide.

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Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Manufacturer India, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, UAE, Oman, Nepal, Africa, Twin shaft mixer for sale in India

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