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An industrial chiller is a refrigeration system used to lower the temperature of machinery, industrial spaces, and process fluids by removing heat from the system and transferring it somewhere else. Industrial chillers are essential for temperature regulation in several industrial processes such as injection molding, metal plating, oilfield production, and food processing. As a reliable industrial chiller manufacturer in India and supplier of industrial chillers in Dubai, UAE, Africa and Europe, our chillers are both high performing and energy efficient.

industrial chiller manufacturer

Chillers consist of four basic components; an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, and an expansion unit. Every chiller system contains a refrigerant. The process starts with a low-pressure refrigerant entering the evaporator. Inside the evaporator, the refrigerant is heated, causing it to undergo a phase change into a gas. The gaseous refrigerant goes into the compressor which increases its pressure. The high-pressure refrigerant goes to the condenser which rejects the heat using cooling water from a cooling tower or air from the surroundings, condensing it into a high-pressure liquid. The condensed refrigerant then goes to the expansion unit which has a valve that acts as a metering device to limit the flow of refrigerant in the system. Consequently, this lowers the pressure of the refrigerant and begins the cooling process again. The entire process is known as the refrigeration cycle.

Maan Global Industries is India’s leading Chiller manufacturing company. Over the past 20 years we’ve introduced new and advanced chillers on the market to meet the needs of our customers that require reliable and energy efficient air cooled and water cooled chillers. We have been designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality and efficient products that are used across a number of industries to cool water or liquid for both industrial and commercial applications, making us one of the most preferred chiller manufacturers India. The product range comprises of air and water cooled scroll chillers, air and water cooled screw chillers, ammonia chillers and MRI chillers. With over two decades of experience as an industrial chiller manufacturer in India, we have world-wide chiller installation in Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Europe and Africa.

As a leading industrial chiller manufacturer in India we cater to the industrial cooling, process cooling and comfort air conditioning needs of various industries and we also cater to mechanical cooling process applications across a variety of industries including: food, beverage, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, medical and cold storage. We constantly broaden our products portfolio to keep up to the latest technology to provide the most durable, reliable and efficient industrial chillers to the customers.

Chiller Basics – How they work

Best Chiller Manufacturing Company India with world-class cooling Technology

Choosing a reliable Chiller Manufacturing company in India is extremely important as this will decide the efficiency that your unit achieves. Since there are so many in the country, it is up to you to separate the best from the rest and take your call. At Maan Global Industries, the focus is on customer satisfaction and manufacturing process chillers that are durable, reliable and offer high performance. All our chillers have been designed and manufactured, adhering to customer requirements and using the latest technology, so that you can get the best quality for your business.

Leading Industrial Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier offering different Types of Industrial Chillers

The three main types of industrial chillers in use today are air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, and  absorption chillers. We will also briefly touch on cooling towers (an alternative or supplemental cooling system) and special chillers like glycol and centrifugal chillers.

Selecting the right chiller for your application will help you to save costs, reduce downtime, and improve operational efficiency.

Water-Cooled Chillers Suppliers in Dubai, UAE, Africa

Water-cooled chillers use water from an external cooling tower to reject heat from a gaseous refrigerant in the condenser before it undergoes a phase change into a liquid.

Air-Cooled Chillers Suppliers in Dubai, UAE, Africa, Europe

In place of the cooling water, air-cooled chillers use ambient air to reject heat from the refrigerant in the condenser.

Vapor Compressor Chillers

This type of chiller uses refrigerants to cool process fluids and spaces. A compressor is used as the driving force to pump refrigerant around the system.

Vapor Absorption Chillers

Vapor absorption chillers have no compressor in the unit. Rather, they use a heat source e.g., solar energy or waste heat to drive the coolant through the system.

Glycol Chillers

Glycol chillers are special types of chillers which use propylene glycol, an anti-freeze, in the system. They are widely used in food-grade applications such as in the production of alcohol and for brewery chilling systems.

Centrifugal chiller manufacturing company India

Centrifugal chillers consist of the usual evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion device set-up but with additional rotating impellers which compress the refrigerant and transport it around the system.  They are particularly useful for medium to large scale cooling operations (from 150 – 6000 tons of refrigeration)

Cooling Towers Manufacturer India

A cooling tower is a large heat exchanger unit which provides cooling water to remove heat from a coolant which has been used to cool machinery, process fluids, or buildings. When the cooling water meets with air, a small portion evaporates, lowering its temperature. This is known as “evaporative cooling.”

It’s common to find cooling towers conveniently situated near bodies of water such as lakes and rivers to ensure a constant supply of water for cooling. In many situations, you can pair a chiller and cooling tower together for more efficient industrial chilling.

Wide range of cheap process chillers from Maan Global Industries, industrial chiller manufacturer in India

What is required in the process cooling solutions is the performance and cost savings and that’s exactly what Maan Global Industries offer as a renowned chiller manufacturing company in India and supplier of  chillers in Dubai, UAE and Africa. We provide chillers with world-class components sourced from leading refrigeration and chiller manufacturers such as Daikin, Danfoss, Voltas, Carrier, Hitachi etc. Our focus on providing the process cooling solutions that offer productive performance, are easy to install, look great and also offer hassle free maintenance. We are the leading supplier of industrial chillers and commercial chillers like water cooled chiller air cooled chiller in Dubai, UAE, Africa, Europe.

Our diverse range of Industrial and Process Chillers in India & UAE:

  • Ammonia Screw Chiller: This chiller is used in the low temperature process cooling application. These are used widely in the food & beverage industry such as meat & milk plants, cold storage and they are also used in the chemical and pharmaceutical bulk drug manufacturing industry.
  • Process chillers with screw or scroll compressors: This chiller is ideal for the plastic industry that deploys applications such as blow molding, injection molding, woven fabric manufacturing, flexible packaging, specialty printing, solar cell manufacturing, molded automotive components manufacturing and for any process application that requires continuous flow of chilled water.
  • Brine : These industrial chillers are used for process applications requiring ultra-low temperatures such as required in bulk drug and chemical manufacturing. These are available in a choice of semi hermetic and open semi hermetic screw compressor options as well. 

Our Industrial Chillers are equipped with latest Technology, we are the top most chiller manufacturer, suppliers in UAE and Africa. Get the unmatched quality range along with high demand nationwide which ensure the quality, durability, high performance along with the ability to protect products, people, and process from various coming from air contamination. Maan Global Industries is among the best chiller manufacturers in India. As an organization we driven by values and powered by over 2 decades of experience in industrial cooling systems.

Being the best chiller supplier in India, we ensure that every system meets temperature and pressure range and above all it fulfils the needs of the customer. Our team puts in continuous efforts to maintain the position being a renowned chiller plant manufacturer in India. We are experienced in manufacturing and designing sophisticated air dehumidifiers, refrigeration systems as being the best-Customized industrial Chiller manufacturer in India.

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