How Sandblasting Machine Works? Prices of Sand Blasting Machine, Advantages and Technical Specifications

sand blasting machine

Sand blasting machine are designed to blast media like glass beads, aluminium oxide through a nozzle by means of compressed air provided by an air compressor. Sand blasting machines are divided into gravity suction, direct pressure and blower sorts. The blast media are recirculated within the dust collector by means of suction force and separated from foreign matter as recirculated and blasted once more. The dry method is friendly to the atmosphere. As a Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer in India, customers get the most affordable sand blasting machines with highest quality standards that meet both Indian and European manufacturing standards. Sand blasting machine price starts at Rs. 28,000 thousand and goes upto Rs. 85,000 thousand.

How Sand Blasting Machine Works?

It is rare for actual sand to be used in abrasive blasting these days because of the potential health, environmental and safety risks. Instead, powdery abrasive materials known as blast media and fine items such as Glass beads, Aluminium oxide, Copper Slag and Steel Shots or Grits are used for sandblasting purpose. These fine abrasive media extremely effective for cleansing, deburring, descaling, smoothen, shining and etching of various metal surfaces in automotive components as well as construction equipment.

Actual Working Video of a Sandblasting Machine from MGI for cleaning various components:

Essentially, Sand Blasting is the most economical and efficient way of preparing surfaces such as metal by removing rust or dirt or other deposits simply with the use of an air compressor. Compressed air provides the fuel for sandblasting machines with forces the abrasive materials to flow with high speeds and hit the surface to remove rust or dirt or other deposits and contaminants. The more pressure a sand blaster produces, the more intense would be the hitting rate of blast media against the metal surface and better cleaning could be achieved but excessively harsh sandblasting will cause harm to a variety of materials. Therefore, it is important to speak with a Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer who can guide about the pressure levels and compressed air requirements. Cost of a portable sandblasting machine starts at Rs. 28,000 thousand.

Main Components of Sandblasting machine

  • The blast pot is basically the reservoir for media and maintains the pressure necessary for blasting
  • Nozzles permit media to be sprayed at variable speeds depending on type of nozzle is used
  • Inlet and Outlet valves monitor the inflow and outflow of air and confirm whether or not the pot is pressurised
  • The pop-up valve responds to pressure place into the system and pops up to pressurize the system.
  • The Sandblasting Media valve regulates the flow of abrasive from the blast pot. Abrasive media valves have 2 recesss and one outlet: one inlet is for abrasive, the opposite is for air, and therefore the outlet is for the mixture of air and abrasive which will be carried through the blast hose.
  • The abrasive lure prevents abrasive from traveling through the outlet valve
  • After media is loaded into the machine, variety of events should occur to start blasting.
  • Pressure is improbably vital throughout this complete method, and while not correct pressure, nothing would happen and you would be left with a rusty fender.
  • The twin-line hoses area unit connected to each the recess valve and therefore the management handle one hose monitors air traveling towards the nozzle where as the opposite controls the air that travels back towards the recess valve. once the management handle isn’t engaged, air is free at the bottom of the handle and no blasting will occur 
  • A mixture of air and abrasive can spray through the nozzle.

Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machine manufacturers in India.

Sandblasting Machine Technical Specifications

Model               MA-151                 MA-301               MA-501                  MA-1001
Abrasive Capacity
Mettalic (kg)    150                        300                      500                        1000 Sand (kg)            65                         130                      230                         460 Volume (ltrs)     42                           85                       142                        284
Overall Dimension approx. Height (mm)      1110                    1170                     1370                       1610 Diameter (mm)   360                      460                       615                         760 Weight (kg)             95                      140                       190                         245
Blast Nozzle Tungsten Carbide (Standard size) mm                                        05                       06                           08                           10
Blast Hose ID (mm) 19                     19                          25                          32 Blast Hose length (mtr) 05             05                          10                         10 Recommended Air Hose ID(mm)     19                        19                          25                          32
Approx. cleaning rate (sq. mtr/hr)           3-4                       5-9                       11-15                    15-19
Compressed Air Requirement (cfm)          45                        85                         135                        250
Recommended abrasive size (BS Mesh)   25-80                  25-80                   16-80                    16-80

Advantages of a Sand blasting Machine

  • Easy process: the method of Sand blasting is very simple and highly efficient. Even a small sand blasting machine is capable of cleaning and preparing metal surfaces at a faster rate compared to manually sanding with a sanding paper.
  • Less machinery: Sand Blasting method is extremely simple which needs a mechanical device, a blasting pot and a nozzle. All you need is to set the pressure of the compressed air, use a suitable abrasive material and take the nozzle near the surface for blasting. Most Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India offer both sand blasting cabinet as well as simple sandblasting machines.
  • Wide applications: There are various applications of sand blasting in each industry whether its automotive, aviation, construction, food processing plant or a industrial manufacturing. Sand Blasting Machine takes the pain out of cleaning and preparing metal surface by providing highly efficient and economical method of removing rust, dust and other comtaminant.
  • Perfect improvement: Sand Blasting improves production efficiency by cutting down cleaning time of components and allows manufacturing companies to improve and enhance the quality of products.
  • Apart from improvement of metal surfaces, sandblasting is often used for paint removal. If you need to repaint a metal structure, then you’ve to remove the old paint from the surface and the best way to remove the old paint is through Sand Blasting.

Disadvantages of Sand blasting Machine

  • Air-borne diseases: as a result of the utilization of sand, the method is accountable for inflicting respiratory organ diseases like pneumoconiosis. You can read more about National Occupational Standards when it comes to the use of Sand Blasting.
  • Ventilation: the method of sand blasting should be well oxygenated and exhausts installed to prevent choking.
  • Harm to naked skin: This method shouldn’t be performed in naked skin because the particles like little steel balls, glass powder etc. that propelled at high speed will penetrate into your naked skin and cause injury.
  • As a leading Manufacturer of Sand Blasting Machine in Faridabad, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Karnataka, Rudrapur, UP, Maharashtra, Chennai, Coimbatore, Jabalpur, Jamshedpur, Delhi, Rajasthan, India, we offer pollution free and dust free sand blasting machines for sale in India.

Uses of Sandblasting Equipment

  1. Sandblasting is one among the foremost economical ways in which to scrub and prepare surfaces. Woodworkers, machinists, automotive vehicle mechanics, and other industries will all use sandblasting machine in their work, particularly after they totally perceive the various ways in which sandblasting are often used.
  2. Despite the name, sand isn’t the sole material which will be utilized in the “sandblasting” method. completely different abrasives are often used reckoning on the media they’re getting used on. These abrasives include: aluminium oxide, walnut shell, glass beads etc.
  3. One of the most uses of sandblasting is to get rid of paint or rust. Sand blaster are often wont to take away paint, rust, and different surface pollutants from cars, houses, machinery, and virtually the other surface.
  4. Sandblasting doesn’t have to be compelled to be used simply on giant machines or buildings. It can even be accustomed clean menage tools. Screwdrivers, wrenches, and different metal tools that became dirty or rusted is cleansed quickly and expeditiously with a fast application of the sandblaster
  5. Sometimes, metal or plastic elements to devices that require to be assembled have little burs or different irregularities that alter the meant form or get within the means throughout assembly. Sandblasting is a good thanks to take away those burs, tags, and excess material.
  6. Sandblasting is additionally efficient to clean streets, walkways, and alternative concrete surfaces. The high-speed abrasives ejected from a hand tool will scrub concrete and pavement clean terribly quickly, while not having to use water to try and do therefore.

Why is Sandblasting needed in various industries?

Various industries require cleaning, rust removal, descaling and deburring of metal surfaces and components. Since, manually sanding is a highly inefficient process, cleaning of metal surfaces becomes almost impossible and this is where Sand Blasting Machine comes into use.

Since, Sandblasting is a process of smoothing and cleaning a hard metal surfaces by propelling solid abrasive particles across that surface at high speeds using compressed air, the metal surfaces are cleaned within few minutes of operating a Sand Blasting Machine. There are two kinds of sandblasters: Suction  and Pressure Blast Systems. There are two basic kinds of sand blasting machines namely: Sand Blast Cabinets and Portable Sand Blasters.

Sandblasting machine can be used for removing paint, rust, and residue from oxidation from various metal surfaces in an efficient manner. Sandblasting process is also employed to change the condition of a metal’s surface, such as through removing scratches or casting marks or forging burrs and scaling. Sandblasting process has been employed across various industries as a cleaning and surface preparation method for hundreds of years. MGI is a Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturer in India catering to automotive, construction and Aviation industries by supplying best Sand Blasting machines at affordable prices.

Operation of sandblasting machine

Sand blasting Machine – Price 45,000

sand blaster machine

Abrasive tank capacity:Metallic:  300kg 
Sand: 130kg 
Volume: 85ltr.
Std. Blast Hose Length5 mtrs.
Blast Nozzle Orifice 6mm
Moister Seperator & Pressure Gauge fitted1 No.
Automatic Exhaust Valve fitted 1 No.
Pinch Valve fitted1 No.
Approx. Cleaning Rate5-9 sq. mtrs/hr.
Compressed air required at 80 psi.85 cfm
Recommended Abrasive Size25 to 80 Mesh.

Small Sand Blasting machine Price starts at Rs. 24,000

A portable sand blaster is a small sand blasting machine capable of removing rust, smoothen rough surfaces, descaling, removing sand from cast iron parts and cleaning pipes or tanks in an efficient manner. It is the most economical means of cleaning old iron parts or removing rust from metal surfaces. It can used for sand blasting, aluminium oxide blasting, soda blasting or walnut shell. It is a small sand blasting machine for sale in India.

small sand blasting machine

Portable Sandblasting Machine Model No. MA1010
Price Rs. 24,000
Cleaning Rate 1 to 2 Square foot per minute
Air Compressor Requirement  3 HP
Tank Capacity 50 Kgs
Manufacturer Maan Global Industries
Cleaning Surfaces MS, Stainless Steel, Rust removal, Corrosion, Paint Removal, Aluminium, Sheets, Pipes, All types of Metal Surfaces

Abrasive Blaster – Price Rs. 65,000

Technical specs of a 500kg sand blasting machine:

Abrasive tank capacity:Metallic: 500kg                 
Volume: 142 Ltrs
Sand : 230kg 
Std. Blast Hose Length7.5 mtrs.
Blast Nozzle Orifice6mm/8mm
Moister Seperator & Pressure Gauge fitted1 No.
Automatic Exhaust Valve fitted1 No.
Pinch Valve fitted1 No.
Approx. Cleaning Rate9-12 sq. mtrs/hr
Compressed air required at 80 psi.135cfm
Recommended Abrasive Size 16 to 80 Mesh.

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