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Sandblasting machine is used to smooth rough surfaces, remove rust or corrosion from metal surfaces, clean or shape a surface using abrasive material known as media which is propelled using high pressure typically through compressed air or a centrifugal wheel. Cleaning rate of Portable sandblasting machine is between 1 square feet to 1 and half square foot per minute and it requires a 3HP compressor that makes 9 CFM. There are many different types of sand blasting machines such as Portable Sandbaslter, Automatic Sand Blaster, Blast Cabinet, Tumblast and many more. Portable sandblaster for sale in India are available for cheap prices. Sand blasting Machine price in india. No Transport charges and Free Delivery in India. Portable Sandblasting Machine for Sale in India at best price.

Portable Sandblasting Machine for Sale in India Model No. MA1010
Price Rs. 24,000
Cleaning Rate 1 to 2 Square foot per minute
Air Compressor Requirement  3 HP
Tank Capacity 50 Kgs
Manufacturer Maan Global Industries
Cleaning Surfaces MS, Stainless Steel, Rust removal, Corrosion, Paint Removal, Aluminium, Sheets, Pipes, All types of Metal Surfaces

According to a recent report, Sand Blasting machines market is projected to grow to US $550 million by 2025 from US $400 million in 2019. This growth projection clearly suggests the growing use of Sandblasting machines across various industries such as Manufacturing, Oil& Gas, Boat & Ship Cleaning, Sheet Metal components cleaning, Forging & Casting components cleaning, automotive spare parts cleaning, pipes and tanker cleaning, tools and structure cleaning.

Features of a Portable Sandblaster Machine

  • High Quality Blast Pot made with toughest steel sheet for longer life
  • Built for maximum efficiency under high work loads
  • Simple design and less joints for high durability
  • Continuous blast time of upto 40 – 45 minutes
  • Suitable for all types of abrasive materials such as Sand, Soda, Aluminium Oxide, Walnut Shells etc.
  • Blast Pot capacity upto 200 litres available

Working Demo of Portable Sandblasting Machine from MGI (The video demonstrates cleaning capabilities of MGI sandblasting machine on various components in actual working environment)

The  market size of sandblasting machines is to hit USD 485 million, growing at 3.5% by 2022. A substantial surge due to increased use in industrial and domestic applications. Because of the increased expenditure in new technology by key market participants the market growth in the near future is likely to drive more and is expected to open new avenues of robotic sandblasting technology in the market. A worth of USD 390 million is projected during this time frame for sandblasting machines market and is expected for replacing manual labour to drive further growth by 2022.

A Portable Sandblaster or Portable Sand blasting Machine is often used to by small and mid-sized industries such as Paint Shops, Auto Repair industry, Powder Coating Industry, Floor and Surface Cleaning Service Providers and many more.

There are various types of media that can be used in sandblaster depending on the requirement and the surface that has to be smoothen, roughen or cleaned such as Sand, Baking soda, Wood particles, glass beads, steel shots, steel grits, copper slag and many other.

Sandblasting must be carried out with proper safety equipments in place and must be handled with care otherwise it can cause anaphylactic shock to the operator or the person getting in contact.

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A Portable sandblaster for sale in India is powered by an air compressor that provides a large volume of high pressure air to the blast pot. A blast pot is a like a hollow cylinder that contains the abrasive (media) material and are filled with compressed air to propel the abrasive material at high speed into the blast line.

Sandblasting saves both time and money by cleaning the surfaces within minutes compared to several hours or days required to clean or smoothen large metal surfaces or concrete surfaces.

Complete guide to Sand Blasting Machine Types and Prices in India

Sand blasting process is being adopted everyday by both small and mid-sized businesses that were previously using other traditional surface cleaning methods as it sandblasting is much more economical. A portable Sandblaster for sale in India can be used to clean and smooth large metal surfaces or concrete surfaces or floors and it is extremely affordable as well. A typical sandblaster contains sandblasting gun through which the abrasive material is blasted on a surface, It also has an air compressor connected to it and a blast pot that contains the abrasive material and then filled up with the compressed air.

portable sand blasting machine

Manufacturer of Portable Sandblaster for sale in India for just Rs. 24,000

Manufacturing a portable sandblaster for sale in India is a not a complex process but it needs experience and knowledge of various abrasive materials and their application for cleaning different surfaces. We manufacture Portable sandblaster for sale in India and overseas that is extremely affordable and highly reliable.

Keeping in mind the need of small and mid-sized businesses that rely on sandblasting for cleaning and removing containments from various types of metal and concrete surfaces every day we have mastered the art of portable sand blaster manufacturing in India.

The cost of portable sandblaster for sale in India is Rs. 24,000 and it can be used for sandblasting purpose for cleaning large metal surfaces, steel structures, boiler, containers for sugar mill, rusted pipes, alloy wheels, old ships, concrete surfaces, floors and any other surface that needs to be cleaned, smoothen or roughen.

Uses of a Portable Sandblaster

  • Saves time and money by reducing the effort by upto 90% required to clean or smooth a rough surface.
  • Any type of paint or rust or carbon deposit can be cleaned within minutes with the help of a portable sandblaster. Ideal for engine repair, car painting, metal fabricators and casting industry.
  • Improves longevity of metal products, rusted pipelines, old metal products and any kind of metal or ceramic surface that needs to be cleaned.
  • Easily smoothen a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface.
  • Cost is 90% less compared to deploying a full-time person for cleaning a surface.
  • You can easily clean tough corners on metal pieces that are otherwise difficult to reach.
  • Very useful in bringing shine to the aluminium alloys, car alloys and motorcycle rims.
  • Any surface can be cleaned and prepared quickly before painting within minutes with the help of a portable sandblaster.

Working of a Sand Blasting Machine

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