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Industrial ovens are heated chambers used for a variety of industrial applications, including drying, curing, or baking components, parts or final products. Industrial Ovens generally are classified as heating equipment operating from ambient to 1000°F (538°C), while furnaces operate above 1000°F. Equipment may be designed for intermittent loading (a batch at a time), or for a continuous flow of work using conveyors. The source of heat is normally derived from combustion of fuel (gas, oil, etc.), electricity, hot water or from steam. Maan Global Industries is the leading Industrial oven manufacturer in India that manufactures heavy-duty Powder Coating Ovens, Paint Drying Ovens, Paint Curing Ovens, Industrial Baking ovens, Plastic Annealing Ovens, Batch Type Ovens, Infrared ovens and Custom Conveyor Ovens based on Customer’s requirements. As a leading infrared oven manufacturer in India, the industrial infrared ovens are manufactured for energy savings, maximum efficiency at low cost and long-life use. We are also one of the leading continuous conveyor oven manufacturer in India.

Ask for customized industrial ovens at economical prices that are specific to your needs. Our team of experts can customize the oven chamber size and make the exact oven that fits your needs. You can also opt for PLC based HMI controller which has color touch screen and is very useful in storing data.

What is an Industrial Oven?

An industrial oven is a heated chamber that can be used for various heat treatment processes such as drying, annealing, powder coating curing, paint curing etc. They operate at extremely high temperatures and can be used for both small or large volume applications. MGI is the largest Industrial Oven Manufacturer in India that caters to a wide segment of industries such as Forging, Casting, Rubber Industries, Powder Coating, Heat Treatment etc. There are different types of heat sources in Industrial Ovens such as:

Industrial Oven Heat Sources

There are several heat sources for an industrial oven such as hot water, gas, and electricity such as heating elements and Infrared tubes and these heat sources are often introduced into the oven via forced convection.

Out of the above mentioned heat sources, electric heated industrial ovens are the most popular as they are designed to have extremely fast heat-up times and have a long life span. Electric ovens are preferred due to their non polluting features as well as fast heating.

Gas fired industrial ovens are available in both LPG and PNG options. Both of these ovens can use either natural gas or LPG and are initially more expensive than electric ovens, however their running costs are considerably cheaper so you can cut down on overheads.

A hot water heated industrial oven uses water that travels through radiator coils to emit heat. These types of ovens are extremely effective in situations where lower temperature ranges are used and quick heat-up is not required.

Industrial Oven Air Flow

In a common Industrial Oven, the air needs to flow successfully from the air supply duct to the return duct. The pattern of the air flow can differ depending on the type of industrial oven and there are a number of common air flow patterns that are mentioned below. Each configuration is setup according to the requirements.

When the air supply duct is on the side of the oven and the return duct is on the ceiling of the oven the pattern is known as horizontal/vertical. This is a common configuration when larger materials are used.

When smaller materials are used, or if the materials are hung on shelves in the industrial oven an air flow pattern of vertical/top down or vertical/bottom up is used. A full horizontal air flow configuration is also used when shelves are used to insert the material into the industrial furnace.

These configurations are designed so that the airflow can travel around the shelving units with minimum obstruction. These ovens are highly effective when you don’t need extreme high temperatures such as in case of drying moisture out of wine barrels.

One of the leading manufacturer of infrared industrial ovens in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Faridabad, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, MGI manufactures both heavy-duty powder coating oven for large companies as well as batch type ovens for small industries that require industrial at low cost.

Each Powder coating oven is uniquely designed that feature combination airflow arrangement which provides uniform air distribution inside the heat chamber resulting in quality cured finishes and optimum cure cycles. This prevents both time and money by preventing rework on the parts. If you are looking for Powder Coating Oven Manufacturers in India then MGI is the name you can trust.

The powder coating oven is designed to offer excellent temperature uniformity which is a key component in providing you with consistent, high quality curing results life-long. A Gas Fired Powder Coating Oven can be an excellent choice if you are looking for an economical Powder Coating Oven which has zero maintenance.

Innovations in Industrial Ovens: A Comprehensive Overview of Leading Manufacturers

In the dynamic landscape of industrial manufacturing, the demand for cutting-edge solutions has spurred a wave of innovation among industrial oven manufacturers. These companies play a crucial role in providing advanced heating technologies to diverse sectors such as Heavy Engineering, Automobile, and Metal Industries. Leading the charge in this sector is Maan Global Industries, a prominent Industrial Oven Manufacturer in India.

Maan Global Industries has carved a niche in the market by offering a versatile range of ovens, including Batch Ovens and Continuous Ovens. These ovens are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of industries that require precise and efficient heating processes. The company takes pride in its Electrically Heated and Fuel Fired ovens, providing clients with a choice based on their energy preferences. The ovens boast innovative features such as In-Housed Manufactured Tubular Heaters, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance. With a temperature range of up to 450°C, these ovens are equipped to handle a myriad of applications, from stress relieving to tempering.

The Ageing Oven from Maan Global Industries stands out as a testament to their commitment to excellence. Specifically designed for Aerospace and Aeronautical Applications, the Ageing Oven facilitates the ageing of aluminum sheets and products. This bespoke solution underscores the company’s dedication to meeting the unique needs of its clients. MGI’s expertise extends to Foundry Cast Houses and other critical sectors like Rail Wagon and Electrical Machines. The comprehensive range of ovens, including Bogie Type Ovens and Composite Curing Ovens, showcases the company’s ability to cater to diverse industrial processes.

Technical Specifications of Industrial Drying Oven

Temperature range 80°C, 200°C, 300°C, 400°C
Chamber construction Mild Steel, Stainless steel 304 (20 or 18 gauge)
Exterior Body MS, GI sheet
Air circulation Motor driven blower unit
Heating System Air Heaters, Gas Burner, Electric, Oil Burner, Infrared
Insulation Rock wool (4 inch, 6inch)
Temperature controller
  • PID temperature controller
  • Display of SV & PV
Standard fittings
  • Power cable
  • Switches
  • Panel Box
  • Thermostat Controls (Digital)
Door Insulated door with sturdy latch
Trays Optional or Standard (based on the type of oven)
Optional accessories
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Trolley with racks
  • PLC based HMI controller
  • HEPA filtered air inlet
Power supply 220 / 440 volts 50Hz


How Industrial Oven Works?

Who is the best Industrial Oven Manufacturer?

Manufacturing Industrial Ovens need experience, infrastructure and Knowledge of heating process as well as metallurgy. The best industrial oven manufacturer will ask for the purpose and application of the industrial oven from the customer and then provide a detailed quotation along with technical specifications of a custom oven that addresses the needs of the customer. There are various technical parameters that need to be checked while manufacturing an industrial oven for a customer such as Temperature settings, heat loss, whether convection is needed or high intensity heating is required.

Maan Global Industries is the best Industrial Oven Manufacturer that manufactures Automatic industrial ovens, Overhead Conveyor Ovens, Powder coating ovens, Paint Drying Oven, Batch ovens, electric ovens and Gas Fired Ovens and Infrared Ovens. 

As experienced Industrial Oven Manufacturing company in India, we understand that the heating capacity of the oven needs to be greater, due to heat loss through the walls of the oven, through air exhaust or vents and through heating of the oven mass itself. In an oven where the exhaust rate during heat up is 50 Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute (SCFM), the heat required to heat the make-up air will be:
50 SCFM x (4000F-700F) x 1.1 Btu/H/SCFM 0F = 18,150 Btu/H
If the wall losses for the oven are 5500 Btu/H, the heater capacity will need to be at least:
41,250 + 18,150 + 5,500 = 64,900 Btu/H or 64,900 Btu/H ÷ 3,412 Btu/kW-Hr = 19 kW 

Maan Global Industries is the manufacturer of Industrial Ovens in India. As an Industrial oven manufacturer, we have supplied many Industrial Ovens of Various types such as Batch Oven, Tray oven, Trolley Oven, Conveyor Oven, drying oven, moisture drying ovens, Infrared Drying Ovens, Continuous IR conveyor Ovens, which operate in temperature ranges from 50ºC to 500ºC using electricity, gas, or oil fired. Applications include pre-heating, drying, curing, heat-treatment and burn-off to name a few.

MGI Industrial Ovens are of triple wall construction with minimum of metal to metal contact to avoid Heat Bridge in structural design to minimize the heat losses & reduce energy consumption.

The Outer casing is made from MS sheets or SS sheets that are coated with epoxy based primers and are then painted to ensure rust proof & long lasting performance.

The inner & Baffle Casing can be of MS or SS as per customer’s requirement. The MS sheets are painted with Heat Resisting Aluminum paints of suitable grade. The SS baffles are mirror polished finished for aesthetic looks. For larger size of ovens, we have provided Double Baffle with second being perforated, resulting in high temperature uniformity inside the heating chamber.

The insulation provided are of various density of Rockwool Slab to keep the skin temperature to minimum & thereby & reduce energy consumption.The impellers & Shaft of re-circulating fans are statically & dynamically balanced. The re-circulating fan provides uniform air flow inside the heating chamber. We can design different air flows such as Horizontal air flow, vertical air flow, or Combination of Horizontal & Vertical air flow depending on the requirements of a customer.

The controls can be ON – OFF type for economical Heating, PI Controller for faster Heating, PID Controller for precise Heating, Profile PID Controller to achieve any time – temperature heating, PLC for automation & SCADA / HMI for user friendly control & management. We provide Thyristors of SCR – Diode type & SCR – SCR type, which reduces the voltage as demanded by the system & gives precise & accurate control of + 1 deg C & also helps in saving energy consumption by reducing voltage & thereby power mainly during soaking period.

The emphasis on customization is a defining feature of Maan Global Industries offerings. Custom Ovens, tailored to specific worksites and requirements, demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing flexible solutions. The incorporation of Heat Zone Configurations and consideration of Moisture Release Rates reflect a nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved in industrial processes. Moreover, the company’s focus on Drying Efficiency aligns with the increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions in modern manufacturing.

In addition to its technological prowess, Maan Global Industries places great importance on user-friendly and advanced control systems. The integration of a SCADA System with HMI Interface, along with a Control Panel complying with IP65 standards, ensures seamless operation and monitoring. This commitment to automation, seen in their Full-Automated PLC-Based systems, speaks to the company’s vision of not just meeting but exceeding industry standards.

Leading Industrial Drying Oven Manufacturer in India

Maan Globla Industries is a pioneer in Surface preparation and Surface finishing technology that manufactures industrial ovens, powder coating ovens, Powder Coating Plant, Paint Spray Booth System, Blast Room System, Sand Blasting Machine and Shot Blasting Machine in India. With over 15 years of experience in the industry and equipped with a skillful team of professionals, we’ve been structuring, manufacturing & installing of Industrial Powder Coating Ovens across India and Abroad. Our team of heat treatment professionals at MGI are proficient in technical know-how of different Industrial Ovens and provide solutions applying them across diverse Industries such as Powder Coating, Painting, Plastics, Heat Treatment, Bonding and many more. Most reliable Powder Coating Oven Manufacturer in India.

Backed by our technical experience in providing machinery that of the best quality and economical heating, drying and surface finishing for varying specialized need of our customers, our team of engineers manufactures powder coating ovens that consume less power or gas and deliver superior curing results. Being the leading manufacturer of Industrial ovens in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Faridabad, Ahmedabad, India, we manufacture a wide range of Industrial heating ovens such as Conventional Ovens that are Fuel Fired, Electrical Fired, Infrared Industrial Oven, Gas Fired Powder Coating Oven, Radio frequency Industrial oven and Custom Industrial Oven based on customer’s needs.

Automatic Industrial Oven manufacturer in India, MGI, provides high-quality industrial ovens and various heating systems have been designed for temperature as high as 500°C, large capacity heating chambers, conveyor ovens and batch type powder coating ovens in India.

Industrial Ovens are basically classified in two categories based on the industrial use such as:

  • Batch Industrial Oven

When the load size or production volumes vary considerably in an industry, batch Industrial oven is a selected option. Batch ovens are also perfect for places that need a high degree of flexibility in terms of process variables such as temperature and time. Bench-mounted or small cabinet-style ovens are most often used for laboratory applications such
as sterilising, curing, drying and other general laboratory activities. They range in capacity from 2 to 24 cubic feet. Typical temperature ranges are from 100°F to 650°F (38°C to 343°C). Usually, these ovens are used in lighter duty applications than are industrial production ovens. Ranging in size from 3 cubic feet interior volume and up, production-type ovens are used extensively for curing, baking, drying, finishing and annealing processes and an almost limitless number of other applications.

  • Continuous Industrial Oven Manufacturers

When you need large quantities of identical products to be processed, continuous type of Industrial Ovens is selected for the optimal performance. Continuous Industrial ovens provide consistent processing times for each part in high-volume applications, such as manufacturing automotive parts or in food processing. Continuous Industrial ovens also consent numerous distinct processes to be collective, reducing material handling and increasing throughput thereby saving costs.

Application of Industrial Ovens or Industrial heating/drying Ovens:

A Small Industrial oven is used in every single manufacturing process and some or the other time with more focused and customized approach:

  • Annealing
  • Burn-In
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Heat Treating
  • Clean Process Production
  • Drying
  • Shrink Fitting
  • Aging
  • Curing
  • Bonding Finish
  • Baking
  • Sterilization/Depyrogenation

Here’s a very insightful article about selecting the correct oven for industrial purpose.

Types of Industrial Ovens

Gas Fired Powder Coating Oven Manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore

powder coating oven  manufacturer

Product Details:

Capacity 500-2000 Kg
Coating Powder Coating
Oven Type Gas Fired
Temperature 100-300 deg. Celsius
Application Powder Coating
Power Source 440 V AC
Material Mild Steel
Voltage 440
Door Type Double Door
Product Type Powder Coating Oven
Power 12 KW
Display Type Digital
Weight 3000 KG
Motor Power 2 HP
Features Sturdy construction with Economical design
Frequency 50 Hz
Heating Mode Gas Fired
Inner Chamber


Powder coating is a process of coating a surface using free-flowing powder that comes in many colors and then it is cured under heat in a powder coating oven so that the powder wraps around the entire part for better coverage and can provide 95% material usage of the powder. Powder coating is preferred nowadays over liquid paint because of better finish, no-pollution and is not injurious to health compared to liquid paint vapors.

Maan Global Industries is the lading Manufacturer of Powder Coating Ovens in India in various sizes and capacity.

  • Capacity – Custom Built as per the size of the components and requirements.
  • Temperature range: 50ºC to 450º
  • continuous conveyor oven manufacturing company in India
  • Digital Display and Temperature Control
  • Overheat reset
  • Uniform Heat Distribution
  • Fan assisted circulation
  • Excellent stability
  • Long life

The Powder Coating Oven exterior is constructed from sheet steel coated with easy clean paint. The interior chamber of the Powder Coating Oven is made from mild steel or a stainless steel chamber available based on your requirement.

Powder Coating Ovens are supplied with Single Door option, Double door option, and also with Vertical door operation. The customers can select the door options as per the requirement for Powder Coating Ovens.

Electric Oven Manufacturers

Product Details:

Capacity 500 – 2000 kg or Custom
Oven Type Electrical
Temperature 200-350 deg. Celsius
Application Powder Coating/Painting
Display Digital
Max Temperature 350-400 deg. Celsius
Heating Tube Electric Tube Heaters
Door Type Double Door
Electricity 440 V
Display Type Digital
Features Sturdy Construction
Mounting Type Floor Mounted
Size Custom Built
Voltage 440 V
Power Source Electric
Phase 3 Phase
Heating Mode Electrical

Electric Industrial ovens are also referred to as curing ovens or industrial ovens. They are mainly used for Powder Coating-Curing ,Paint baking, Varnish baking, Anealing and welding. The ovens are incorporated with latest technology. They are double walled and made of SS 304 / GI or CR or as per customer’s requirement. The belt drive motor blower maintains a uniform temperature within the chamber. The ovens are durable, performance driven and require very little maintenance.

Our ovens are fitted with finned heaters to ensure optimum power saving and also in improving the heaters life.

Infrared Oven Manufacturing Company in India

Infrared ovens use infrared technology to produce heat inside the heating chambers for uniform heat circulation and curing results. They are preferred over electric industrial ovens due to faster heating. They are being widely used in various applications like paint finishing, powder coating, plastic molding, ink drying and automobile industry. Types of emitters used in an infrared oven are reflector heat lamp, quartz tube and ceramic emitter. Rapid heating of the product and low energy cost as the heat is targeted to the required surface.

Maan Global Industries is one of the best industrial oven manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jamshedpur, Ahmedabad, India. Our product range comprises of  Powder Coating Oven, Industrial Oven, Gas Fired Powder Coating oven, Electric Industrial Oven and Infrared Oven. Infrared radiation wavelength is one of the prime requisite of infrared oven, our infrared ovens are manufactured with highest quality standards and materials that are at par with industry peers. As a Paint curing oven manufacturer in India, infrared is the latest technology in paint curing ovens due to its efficiency, negligible heat loss and energy savings. Paint curing oven generally requires a temperature of upto 250 degree max. and infrared ovens achieve this temperature quickly due to radiation energy that is absorbed by the curing material. Most of the automotive companies have switched to infrared pain curing oven technology because of it’s higher efficiency and low-cost operation. Infrared heaters are also long-life and offer thousands of hours of continuous heating without any issues. 

Get the best prices from one of the largest infrared paint curing oven manufacturer in India with hundreds of installations for some of the most renowned companies across India and internationally. As a paint curing oven manufacturing company, we engage best processes into manufacturing and testing starting from design and the latest infrared paint curing oven can help you save 25% costs annually compared to natural gas ovens. 

Here’s a case study that provides data about cost savings with Infrared Paint Curing Oven.

Flat Bed Conveyor Oven Manufacturer

Conveyor belt ovens or dryers utilize a supply duct to deliver heated air to the product in a top-down flow pattern, a bottom-up pattern, or a top-bottom pattern based on the customer’s specifications. The duct spans the full width and length of the heating chamber, so the product is heated during its entire travel through the oven. This insures maximum performance and temperature uniformity at all times. Maan Global Industries, Flat Bed Conveyor oven manufacturer in India for Automotive, Distillery, Forging and various other industries.

These industrial conveyor ovens are designed to meet specific size and load weight requirements. We work closely with you to customize the industrial belt conveyor oven that meets your processing specifications.

The belt conveyor ovens and furnaces offer premium quality and performance.

  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Heavy load weight capacity.
  • Customized design to meet your process requirements.
  • Temperature ranges up to 600 deg. Celsius.
  • Optimal Airflow arrangement to optimize airflow efficiencies and temperature uniformity.
  • Choose the best conveyor oven manufacturing company in India

MGI is the name to reckon amidst the eminent Conveyor Oven manufacturer in India. The range includes flat conveyor belt style, chain conveyors, overhead trolley, chain-on-edge, spindle, slat type, strip cure, pusher ovens and print plate, to meet the varied needs of the buyers and application areas. These ovens are also ideal for applications such as annealing, curing, preheating, heat-shrinking, heat-forming and tempering. We are on one of the leading Conveyor Oven Manufacturer in India.

MGI Conveyor Ovens are designed for process versatility and reliability. Typical applications include pre-heating, curing, bonding, drying and heat treating. These ovens have been designed for use with a wide range of existing conveyor systems such as flat conveyor belt style, chain conveyors, overhead trolley, chain-on-edge, spindle, slat type, etc .

How to Choose the Best Industrial Oven Manufacturer for your Business?
Industrial ovens are used in various industries for heating, annealing and curing purposes. For different heating and curing processes that have specific requirements, you may need to pick the right industrial oven for your application.
Sometimes it can be difficult for a buyer to choose the right industrial oven for a specific purpose, therefore, we’ve mentioned guidelines to help you choose the right industrial oven. This problem is faced by many customers especially when they ask paint curing oven manufacturer. 
Steps to choose the best industrial oven for a specific drying, heating or curing process:
  • First you have to figure out the specific requirement for which you need an industrial oven, whether its heating, drying or curing. Then find out the size of your components for which you need oven so that you can order the standard size industrial oven or ask for a custom built from industrial oven manufacturers in India.
  • Ask the industrial oven manufacturer about Gas fired oven, electric oven and infrared oven, and which one is suitable for your needs? Most industrial oven manufacturers have the knowledge to help you pick the right industrial oven for your application.
  • Look for the minimum and maximum temperature requirements you have for various processes such as drying, curing or heat treatment. Each industrial oven manufacturer have their own design and standards and you should ask them for references and installations, especially with paint curing oven manufacturer.
  • Other factors such as heat-loss, cycle time, controls and customization should be taken into account while buying an industrial oven.
  • Does the oven have sufficient heating capacity to bring the product to the desired temperature within the specified cycle time? This you need to ask specifically when dealing with a paint curing oven manufacturer.

The heating capacity of the oven need to be greater, due to heat losses through the oven walls, through exhausted air and through heating of the oven mass itself. In an oven where the exhaust rate during heat up is 50 Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute (SCFM), the heat required to heat
the make-up air will be:
50 SCFM x (4000F-700F) x 1.1 Btu/H/SCFM 0F = 18,150 Btu/H
If the wall losses for the oven are 5500 Btu/H, the heater capacity will need to be at least:
41,250 + 18,150 + 5,500 = 64,900 Btu/H or 64,900 Btu/H ÷ 3,412 Btu/kW-Hr = 19 kW

SG-28 Safety Guideline for Coke Ovens.

How much does an industrial oven cost?

An Industrial Oven Costs anywhere between Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 6,00,000 lacs. However, industrial oven prices vary according to the type of oven, size, capacity and customization to meet specific needs of the customer. A world-class paint curing oven manufacturing company and Infrared oven manufacturer in India, you can always expect best prices and highest quality of products from us.

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Maan Global Industries stands as a beacon of innovation among industrial oven manufacturers, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to the evolving needs of diverse industries. Their focus on technological advancements, coupled with a commitment to customization and energy efficiency, positions them as a reliable partner in the ever-evolving landscape of industrial manufacturing. As industries continue to seek cutting-edge solutions, Maan Global Industries industrial ovens emerge as a cornerstone in achieving precision, reliability, and efficiency in heating processes.

If you are looking for an industrial oven Manufacturers in India or powder coating oven manufacturer, Electric or Infrared Oven, Small Industrial Oven or Continuous Infrared Conveyor Oven, paint curing oven manufacturing company in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, India, then Call: 8882490101 or fill out the form on the right. To explore more about the website you can access the sitemap and get access useful pages directly.