Steel Grit

Steel Grit

Steel Grit have a high inflexibility and don’t break effectively. This normal for steel grit makes them perfect for air ship and aviation applications. In view of their precise nature, steel grit can likewise be utilized viably to make a flawlessly carved surface on metal, in anticipation of the attachment of paint, polish, elastic and different sorts of covering.

Steel grits to meet your specific requirements.

Sufficient high limit of durability
High resilience
In accordance with the prevailing international quality
Dimensionally accurate

Shots can be utilized for an assortment of cleaning purposes. What’s more, they can likewise be utilized for; Glimmering Removal, Pipe Coating Extension Blasting , Epoxy Coating Preparation , Rail Car Reconditioning, Ship Building , Rust Removal , Forceful Cleaning , Forgings , Non Ferrous Castings, Plate Preparation, Scale Removal, Surface Preparation

The items we offer are appropriate for offbeat bounce back guides inclusion and furthermore utilized in rust evacuation in different businesses. These steel grit are known for their consistent complete, consumption opposition, strength and cost-adequacy.

These Steel Grits are uniquely utilized in each kind of wheel machine and furthermore for blast room where spouts are utilized in air blasting. Their sharp edge helps in cleaning the surfaces easily.Our offered Steel Grits are made by smashing toughened shot after examination of media and treating these to the ideal hardness. Well-suited for erratic bounce back help taking care of, it is additionally used in rust disposal where speed of cleaning is serious and harsh complete is reasonable.

Steel grit are generally utilized with the accompanying hardware

  • Rotational barrel shot blasting machines
  • Cartype shot blasting machines
  • Table type shot blasting machines
  • Bike industry’s shot blasting machines
  • Entire vehicle shot blasting machines
  • Chain turntable sort shot blasting machines
  • Net strip type shot blasting machines
  • Plate round shot blasting machines

Industrial Use 

  • Automobile Industries
  • Motorcycle Industry
  • Foundries
  • Ship Builders
  • Oil and Gas Pipe Line
  • Heat Treatment Shops
  • Paints Contractors
  • Railway Wagon & Defense

Technical Specification : 

ProductSteel Grit
DensityMore Than 7.1
Hardness54 To 64 HRC
ApplicationCleaning, Coating & Printing

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