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A salt bath furnace has a ceramic or metal container filled with molten salt at a temperature of 900+ degree Celsius into which component or work is immersed for either heating or cooling. The furnace contains salt such as nitrates, nitrites, caustic soda, chlorides, carbonates, and cyanide. Mixtures of salt are selected to give a specific temperature range and a desired treatment (or lack of treatment) to the surface of the material being processed. When we want to change the physical properties of something without changing the surface of it, we use neutral salts such as chlorides and nitrates. We can change the surface conditions of a part by placing it in a salt bath furnace having ingredients that react chemically with the surface as in carburizing, cyaniding, nitriding, and aluminizing. Other salts are formulated to remove scale, paint, plastic, or organic contamination. Maan Global Industries is a prominent Salt Bath Furnace Manufacturers in India. These Industrial Salt Bath Furnace designed by us is made from quality materials that ensure smooth operation and high efficiency, Corrosion resistant and durable. Our Electric Salt Bath Furnace is popular all over the world. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who cater to any issues raised by the customer across the globe. We are capable of delivering of Pit Type Salt Bath Furnace to the customers world-wide at affordable cost. It is mainly used for the hardening of steel components. We offer custom-built furnaces for customers’ based on their application and requirements.

salt bath furnace manufacturer

Here’s a brief overview of how a salt bath furnace works:

  1. Construction: Salt bath furnaces are typically constructed with a chamber to hold the salt bath and heating elements to provide the necessary heat. The chamber is often lined with refractory materials to withstand high temperatures.

  2. Salt Bath: The term “salt bath” refers to a molten salt mixture used as a heating medium. Common salts used include nitrates, chlorides, or a combination of salts, depending on the desired temperature range and the type of heat treatment.

  3. Heating: The heating elements in the furnace generate heat, which is transferred to the molten salt. The molten salt then acts as a uniform and efficient heat transfer medium, allowing for precise control of the temperature.

  4. Heat Treatment Process: Metal parts are immersed in the molten salt bath for a specific period. The heat from the salt bath is transferred to the metal, causing it to undergo the desired heat treatment process. This can include processes like quenching, annealing, or tempering, depending on the specific requirements of the material.

  5. Control Systems: Salt bath furnaces are equipped with sophisticated temperature control systems to maintain precise temperature levels during the heat treatment process. This ensures consistent and repeatable results.

Maan Global Industries has become one of the leading salt bath furnace manufacturers in India with it’s state-of-the-art machinery and heavy engineering team of highly qualified technicians to construct these salt bath furnaces, we offer salt bath furnaces in India, Dubai, UAE, Africa, Kenya, Kuwait, Qatar, Sharjah, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai.

We are involved in manufacturing, exporting and supplying Industrial Salt Bath Furnace that is generally used for hardening of various steel components. Salt Bath furnaces are constructed using premium grade components at our state-of-the-art factory compliant to industry standards. Moreover, our valuable clients can avail this precisely tested Industrial Salt Bath Furnace in different technical options at competitive prices.

Salt bath furnaces are commonly used in case hardening process used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and tool manufacturing industries for treating components like gears, springs, and cutting tools. Salt Bath furnaces offer advantages such as rapid and uniform heating, excellent temperature control, and the ability to handle a variety of metal alloys.

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