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powder coating plant manufacturer

Type Powder Coating Plant
Price Rs. 2,00,000
Voltage 50Hz/220V
Coating Powder Coating/Paint
Size 1200mm x 600mm x 900mm
Weight 700 kgs
Body Material Mild Steel
Brand MGI
Power 3 kW
Powder Recovery Multi Cyclone System

Powder coating is gaining popularity in almost every industry where better surface finish is required. Powder coating is also better than paint due to its dry texture and doesn’t have health hazards compared to spray painting. At MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, we have been manufacturing and supplying fully automatic Powder Coating plants for both manual and fully automatic coating applications to various industries. Having installed over 200 powder coating plants across India for major OEMs and Ancillary units, we have gained substantial experience in designing and installing, a wide array of Powder Coating booth, powder coating equipment along with wide range of Powder Coating Ovens that save both cost and time for our customers. Leading Powder Coating plant manufacturers in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, UP, Orissa, Jamshedpur, Faridabad, India.

Our advanced, high-efficiency recovery equipment and systems are designed to suit the functionality of powder coating booth. Our wide range of powder coating plants include High efficiency single or multi cyclones, antistatic bag filters, Cartridge filters, and Reverse pulse jet cartridge filters, ductless design, powder handling equipment and a complete range of high-quality application equipment including Powder coating Gun, reciprocators, Electronic product sensors, auto powder recycling systems and high quality raw material that is used in the manufacturing of powder coating plants.

The right temperature is imperative to process the cure of the perfectly applied powder. ‘MGI’ specializes in manufacturing Industrial ovens and Powder Coating Ovens that are specifically designed for the curing purpose at the right temperature and offering energy savings at the same time. Powder coating ovens include Gas fired ovens, Oil fired ovens, electric ovens and Infrared ovens.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a finishing method in which dry, free-flowing, thermoplastic or thermoset powder material is applied to a surface, melted, and hardened into an even coating through curing in an Industrial Oven. This powder coating finishing process is suitable for various materials, including metals, plastics, glass, and medium density fiber board (MDF), and can provide both functional and decorative surface coatings in a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures that are not readily achievable by conventional liquid coating methods. Also, powder coating is long-lasting and cost efficient.
During the powder coating process, the powder is applied to a substrate’s
pretreated surface, melted, and then dried and hardened into a protective/decorative coating. There are three stages to this process: surface preparation, coating application, and heat curing.
Powder coating comprises of a multi-step surface finishing process suitable for metal and non-metal substrates. The method includes a preparation, application, and curing stage, and utilizes a spray gun, spray booth, and curing oven used for baking purpose.
For the coating process to run smoothly and at optimum capacity, manufacturers and finishing service providers should consider several factors, such as the substrate material being coated and its properties, as well as the type of powder coating material employed. There are various types of powder coating such as Thermoset, Thermoplastic and UV curable powder coatings.

How much is the Price of a Powder Coating Plant?

A powder coating plant setup cost anywhere between Rs. 3,50,000 to Rs. 15,00,000 lacs. However, powder coating plant prices vary according to the type, size and customization to meet specific needs of the customer. Generally, powder coating plants are manufactured as per the product type of the customer based on its dimensions and material.

Powder Coating Plant Manufacturers in India, Powder Coating Booth Details:

Automation Grade Manual, Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Material to be Coated Iron, Aluminium, Steel, Plastic
Heating Mode Diesel , Electric, Steam
Air-Flow Direction Cross-Flow Type, Fully Undershot Type, Lateral Undershot Type
Brand MGI – Powder Coating Plant Manufacturers
Material SS, MS

MGI has rich experience in manufacturing Industrial Powder Coating Plants for various industries. The advantage of powder coating plant is that it does not require solvent for keeping the binder and filler parts in liquid suspension form. With the coating typically applied electro statically, it is cured under heat in an industrial powder coating oven. The powder options that can be used include thermoplastic or thermoset polymer.

These powder coating plant systems are mainly used for coating of metals like:

  • Aluminium extrusions
  • Automobile and bicycle parts
  • Industrial Manufacturers

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Powder Coating – How to Powder Coat?


conveyor powder coating plant manufacturer

  • Fully automatic powder coating booth with Automated Recovery system for zero wastage using Multi-cyclone or high efficiency Single cyclone system.
  • Conveyorized Powder curing ovens with electrical, oil fired or gas fired heating options based on the requirements.
  • Motorised conveyor system and free Conveyor for material handling based on the requirements.
  • Bag filter & cartridge filter options available.
  • Automatic Powder spray application with reciprocators.
  • Automatic powder recycling system and Powder Management using latest technology.
  • Cost effective and highly efficient powder coating plant manufacturers in India.

Working Video of a Conveyorized Powder Coating Plant Manufactured by ‘MGI’ for an automotive company in India


  • Economical and high efficient.
  • Heavy duty thermal insulation.
  • Modular cassette construction.
  • Available with electrical, oil fired & gas fired heating.
  • Infrared heating systems as an option.
  • Automatic temperature control.

Benefits of Powder Coating Plant by MGI

  • Flexible design for most types of Spraying Application in single booth.
  • Robust design: can handle tons of weight easily for large coating applications.
  • Fully automatic system and Batch type powder coating booth.
  • Fully automatic conveyorized systems with continuous powder curing ovens.
  • Powder recovery through Single cyclone and Multi cyclones or pulse jet system.
  • State of the Art powder collection gives maximum powder recovery and cost savings.
  • Pre-assembled and tested for superior performance and reliability.
  • Hundreds of installations across India.
  • Easy and simple maintenance.
  • Service and Support within 2 days.
  • Complies with standard health and safety legislation.


The multi-cyclone recovery system facilitates upto 95 % powder recovery and utilization. The powder coating spray chamber has long life and is maintenance free. It’s easy to clean and results in a very quick change of color and also safe to operate. It doesn’t cause powder to spill out of the booth and maximizes recovery through multi-cyclone. These are few characteristics of the powder coating booth that helps in controlling pollution and has numerous benefits over spray painting system.


The multi-cyclone recovery system’s maximum powder efficiency of upto 98 % gives it an edge over other powder recovery systems. Its high velocity decreases the powder from sinking to the bottom of the booth and reduces the cleaning time. The blower sucks any over sprayed powder through a cyclone recovery system and then the powder collected in the bottom bin can again be reused again in the powder coating machine.

Which are the best Powder Coating Plant Manufactures in India?

With over 15 years of experience and more than 200 installations across India of automatic powder coating plants, conveyorized powder coating lines and powder coating ovens, MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES is one of the best powder coating plant manufacturers in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Faridabad, UP, Kolkata, India.

Whether you need thermoset or thermoplastic powder coating setup, the price of Powder Coating Plant is affordable and built for high-quality coating finish on Plastic, metal parts and aluminum surfaces from MGI, leading powder coating plant manufacturers in India.

Powder Coating Plant Manufacturers in Mumbai

Powder coating is preferred in these days over liquid painting or spray painting in various industries such as automotive, furniture manufacturing, aerospace, industrial and consumer durables due to its dry and free-flowing texture that doesn’t have heath hazards and the powder coating powder comes in various colors that adds superior finish to the finished products when coated. MGI is among the well known powder coating plant manufacturers in Mumbai, India.

Manufacturers of Powder Coating Plant & Booth in Pune, Maharashtra

Powder coating stays for years when cured in a controlled heating environment such as in a Powder Coating Oven.  Powder coating is carried out with the help of a Powder coating machine, a powder coating gun, powder coating booth and a powder curing oven. When looking for powder coating plant, MGI stand out as powder coating plant manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra.

Powder Coating Plant Manufacturers in Delhi

Searching for the best powder coating plant manufacturers in Delhi, MGI manufactures complete powder coating booth, powder curing oven and powder coating machine setup for superior quality finish on finished products.

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Powder Coating Plant in Faridabad

When searching for the suppliers & manufacturers of Powder coating plant in Faridabad, your search ends here. Best Powder coating plant manufacturers in Faridabad that delivers high-quality finish, low cost powder coating plant in Faridabad from MGI. Low setup cost of powder coating plant with powder curing oven that consumes less electricity or gas.

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