Heat Treatment Furnace Installations, Infrared conveyor Ovens manufacturer India, Silicon Carbide Stress Relief furnace, Annealing furnace for Steel components

As one of the leading heat treatment furnace manufacturer in India, MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES has hundreds of successful industrial furnace installations in India as well as abroad. Heat Treatment furnaces and infrared oven manufacturer design custom made furnaces and conveyor ovens based on the requirements of the customers and applications. Whether it’s an Annealing furnace or a Tempering furnace or a Hardening furnace or used for Normalizing of steel parts or a forging furnace we manufacture furnaces for all kinds of heat treatment applications. 

heat treatment furnace installations

We’ve installations of industrial furnaces for some of the most renowned companies across India and internationally such as Automotive Component Manufacturers, Ancillaries, OEMs, Metal craft industries, Casting and Forging companies, Aviation companies, glass industry, chassis manufacturing companies, Steel producing companies and many more. Apart from the above, Industrial furnace installations are also carried out for aluminium producing companies, enamel coating companies and aircraft maintenance that require high safety standards as per the National Occupational Standards.

The international on-going Installation of heat treatment furnaces in UAE, Mozambique, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Nepal are a proof of our highest quality of manufacturing industrial furnaces in India. Maintaining high quality of heat treatment furnace manufacturing processes, Maan Global Industries manufactures heat treatment furnaces that are low on maintenance and long-lasting.

1) Annealing Furnace Installation for an Auto Components Manufacturer in India

annealing furnace installation

One of the major auto components manufacturer listed on the BSE approached MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES for an Annealing furnace for hydraulic tubes annealing. As a high-quality Annealing furnace manufacturer in India, we’ve studied the project the in detail and also carried out few tests on the hydraulic tubes material for metallurgical data gathering purpose as it helps in designing a proper heat treatment system that could address both Annealing and Normalizing purpose whenever required. Batch type Annealing furnace of 2Ton capacity was manufactured and heat source was electric Ni/Cr wires providing upto 800 degree Celsius of working temperature. The annealing furnace is given upward/downward sliding door for easy movement of Material Trolley in and out of the furnace after the annealing cycle was complete. This is one our successful industrial heat treatment furnace installations in India.

2) Aluminium Heat Treatment Furnace Installation for an Aircraft maintenance company in India

aluminium heat treatment furnace manufacturer

A major aircraft maintenance company required Aluminium Heat Treatment furnace for various aircraft components. The requirement of aluminium heat treatment furnace was for stress relief acquired during fabrication of the parts and then to increase the strength from T0 to T6. As a leading Aluminium heat treatment furnace manufacturer in India, we sent a team of metallurgist and technicians to understand the requirement of the company and based on the data that our team gathered, we manufactured a muffle furnace for aluminium heat treatment. The furnace with a batch load capacity of 250 kgs. is having a muffle design with a Stainless Steel Baffle that protects aluminium alloys from direct heat and convection blowers circulates hot air inside the heating chamber to heat the aluminium alloy parts for the aircraft. A specialized quench tank with agitator was also designed for Aluminium quenching for rapid cooling and achieving the desired hardness.

3) Stress Relief Furnace for a Mining Tools manufacturing company in India

A mining tools manufacturer in India is involved in designing and manufacturing of Mining Drills of various sizes, shapes and capacity. The company was facing issues of stress acquired by the tools during Induction hardening due to which tools became brittle. The company needed a solution for Stress Relief of EN24 and EN31 material that were machines and induction hardened. MGI MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, one of the leading Stress Relief Furnace manufacturer in India, proposed an electric Pit Type furnace for Stress Relief. A pit type stress relief furnace gives better heating, soaking and stress relieving capabilities compared to a box type electric furnace. A pit type furnace was installed at the company’s location in Odisha which has a capacity of 800kgs with a chamber size of 1500MM diameter and 1800mm in Height. The furnace has two zones and a hydraulic lid at the top with a 2HP convection heat circulation blower. With a pit type furnace installation, company is able to reduce it’s production times by processing over 700 parts in 8 hours shift. 

4) Steel Hardening Furnace for an auto components manufacturer

A major auto components manufacturer in India was looking for a hardening furnace to harden automotive components for better strength and durability as required by the OEM. The hardening heat treat process uses heat to increase the hardness of the surface of the material which in turn decreases its vulnerability. Hardening results in a tough outer case and a strong core. The hardening process is done in an industrial heat treat furnace manufactured by MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES. Our team manufactured a gas fired hardening furnace that higher production rates at lower cost compared to electrically heated furnaces. 4 high pressure gas burners were installed in a highly insulated chamber consisting of high Alumina Bricks and 128kg/m3 density of Fibre blanket to preserve heat inside the chamber and to protect outside shell. The finished weight of the hardening furnace is 12Tons and has a capacity of 3Tons per batch processing capacity. The cycle time was reduced by installing an air recuperator for waste heat recovery which gives additional cost savings to the company. Steel Hardening furnace for auto components manufacturer can be used for Gear Hardening, Crank Shaft hardening and many other components. 

4) Continuous Conveyor Stress Relief Furnace for Spring Manufacturer

conveyor furnace manufacturer

A leading Industrial Springs Manufacturer in India needed a Continuous Conveyor Stress Relief Furnace having a temperature of upto 600 Degree Celsius. Components are made of special spring steel alloy that are high in production and to meet the demand of the growing OEMs, company wanted a continuous heat treatment furnace with a conveyor type design. As a specialized conveyor type furnace manufacturer in India, we designed a high-tech conveyor type furnace for the spring manufacturer. The furnace consists of SS316 Conveyor Mesh belt capable of bearing a load of upto 2 Tons and temperature upto 800 Degree Celsius. The heating tunnel was made of SS316 double walled sandwiched with a 128kg/m3 density ceramic fibre insulation. High Quality Ni/Cr super kanthal heating elements are used that deliver high performance heating at continuous working cycles. After the successful installation of the high temperature continuous conveyor stress relief furnace, the company ordered one more furnace of similar grade and capacity. 

MGI MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES manufactures custom conveyor furnaces for industrial use, specializing in heat treating applications. We have earned a reputation for manufacturing innovative, high quality furnaces that meet each of our client’s unique application requirements. Our technicians and engineering team has extensive experience in heat treatment and metallurgy, and has the expertise to provide you with a solution to your manufacturing challenge.

Our continuous furnaces are used for solution heat treating, annealing, tempering, stress relieving, sintering, calcination, oxide reduction, carbonization and metalizing applications.

Continuous conveyor Furnace features

  • Mesh and flat wire belting, rails and rollers and walking beams
  • Rail cars (Powered and Non-Powered)
  • Insulated stationary hearths
  • Electric, direct gas-fired heat or indirect gas heating systems
  • Controlled Atmospheres
  • Variable speed conveyor controls
  • Automated feed loading and unloading
  • Temperature ranges up to 900°C, with close tolerance uniformity
  • Microprocessor-based temperature controls, data management, control integration.
  • Heavy gauge steel shell construction with lightweight, energy-saving insulation
  • Energy-efficient construction and control

5) Infrared Conveyor Oven for Rubber components manufacturer

infrared conveyor oven manufacturer

A rubber components manufacturer involved in the manufacturing of auto components made of rubber such as hose pipes, gaskets etc. needed a an infrared conveyor oven for preheating of rubber moulds and drying of rubber components. An infrared heater or heat lamp is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the temperature of the emitting body, the wavelength of the peak of the infrared radiation ranges from 780 nm to 1 mm. The infrared heaters are expensive but highly durable and provide uniform heating due to which infrared finds its application in most heating and curing environments. MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES a leading manufacturer of infrared conveyor ovens for heating, curing and drying, designed a 20 feet long flat bed conveyor type oven with a temperature range of upto 220 degree Celsius for rubber moulds pre-heating and drying purpose. The infrared conveyor oven consists of Stainless Steel conveyor Mesh belt with a load capacity of upto 1Ton and having a temperature of 250 degree Celsius. An electronic PID controller and a VFD drive for conveyor speed control were also installed. A gear box and a PLC based control panel for controlling and operating the Conveyor oven were also installed for automation and ease of use. Successful Infrared conveyor oven installation was carried out by our team for the customer based in Chennai. As a leading infrared conveyor oven manufacturer in India, MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES is ready to take on the most complex infrared oven manufacturing project.

6) Pusher Furnace Installation for Forging Industry

Based in the Southern India a major Forging company required a latest Forging furnace running on Furnace oil. They wanted to replace older forging furnace with a new Furnace oil forging furnace that has higher production rates by providing faster billets heating at low fuel consumption. MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, a leading manufacturer of forging furnaces in the country, manufactured a pusher type forging furnace with latest state-of-the-art insulation and waste heat recovery system that cuts furnace oil consumption to 60 – 70 litres per Ton. We’ve installed a forging furnace with a pusher system to push the billets inside the heating chamber, a table to stack the billets, high pressure long flame burners, hydraulic pusher system and latest insulation that can withstand continuous temperatures of upto 1000 degrees and replaces the traditional fire bricks insulation. An air recuperator for waste heat recovery was also installed with the furnace to recover waste flue gases and force back into the furnace helped lower the furnace oil consumption. The result of pusher furnace installation for the forging company was faster heating cycle times at lower fuel consumption. Another successful Industrial Heat Treatment furnace installations with huge cost savings for the customer.

7) Tempering, Annealing and Stress Relief Conveyor Furnace Manufacturers

MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, manufactures batch furnaces and conveyor tempering and stress relieve furnaces. These tempering furnaces are available in electric and gas fired options. These standard and custom designed furnaces are designed for tempering and/or stress relieving in air and inert atmospheres. A wide variety of hearth configurations are available to accommodate the customers’ specific loading/unloading and part filtering requirements. Special high temperature alloy muffles and retorts are offered for those conveyor belt and batch temper processes requiring inert gas coverage.

The following lists some of the many temper and stress relieve processes for which our ovens have been implemented.

Temper, Annealing, and Stress Relieving Oven and Furnace Applications

  • Stress Relieve Garage Door Extension and Torsion Springs
  • Stress Relieve Small Springs
  • Temper Brass Casings
  • Stress Relieve Plastics
  • Temper Strip
  • Stress Relieving Wet Shaving Blade
  • Wire Annealing

Temper, Annealing, and Stress Relieving Oven and Furnace Options and Features

  • Electric Medium Wave Heaters and Short Wave Infrared Heaters
  • Standard Resistive Coil Heaters
  • Natural Gas Fired
  • Infrared and Infrared/Convection Combination Systems
  • Batch and Conveyor Systems
  • Alloy Retort and Alloy Muffles
  • Alloy Mesh and Flat Wire Belts
  • Controls with PLC and HMI
  • Maximum Temperatures 720 Degree Celsius

8) Silicon Carbide Furnace Manufacturer and Installations

MGI MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES successfully installs Silicon Carbide based heating elements for high temperature continuous furnaces. Silicon carbide heating elements are rod shaped or tubular depending on the diameter. They have a central heating section referred to as a hot zone and two terminal sections called cold ends. Silicon Carbide elements operate at temperatures up to 1593° C.  The elements are also available in a wide variety configurations and lengths and can be customized to a specific application. We’ve carried out a successful installation of Silicon Carbide Furnace for a major ceramic heating elements manufacturing company to help in their R&D purposes. Silicon Carbide Heat Treatment furnace installations successfully done by our team.

9) Infrared Convection Combination Ovens Manufacturer

Electric infrared or convection combination industrial ovens and industrial furnaces combine infrared heating elements with ‘plug’ style plenum recirculation blowers for radiant/convective combination heating. These combination systems offer the fast, controllable, and efficient heating of electric infrared and the uniformity and air impingement assisted heating and drying through convection. If you are looking for Infrared heat treatment furnace installations for various complex heat treating applications then contact MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES.

These Convection Combination Ovens with combination heating techniques have several features and related benefits over radiant only and convective only heating:

  • Fast Response: The low thermal mass of the infrared element gives outstanding control of the heat output and process temperature.
  • High Heating Rates: The high source temperature of the electric infrared heating element leads to high thermal transfer and fast heating.
  • Controllable Output: Output of our electric infrared oven systems can be controlled precisely to match the temperature requirements of the process.
  • Uniform Heating: The convection heating component leads to better temperature uniformity than radiant only heating and improved heat transfer.
  • Clean Heating: Electric heat source is environmentally clean and efficient.
  • High Heating Efficiencies: Up to 88% of input electrical power is converted to radiant energy (heat). Final efficiencies are improved over IR alone or convection alone heating.

The above list consists of only few successful heat treatment furnace installations carried out by MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, as an industrial furnace manufacturing company in India, we’ve installed over 400 furnaces and ovens across India and over 200 International installations. Manufacturer of electric industrial heat treatment furnaces, bell type furnace, box type normalizing furnaces, tempering furnace, annealing furnace, continuous heat treatment furnace, rotary furnaces, gas carburizing furnace manufacturer, gas fired furnace manufacturers in India, hardening furnace manufacturer, industrial ovens manufacturer, melting furnace manufacturer, heating furnaces, enamel coating baking ovens, controlled atmosphere furnaces, nitriding furnaces, bright annealing furnaces, lab furnaces, high temperature furnaces, muffle furnaces, p.i.d temperature controller, muffle furnace manufacturer in India.

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Heat Treatment Furnace Installations, Infrared conveyor Ovens manufacturer India, Silicon Carbide Stress Relief furnace, Annealing furnace for Steel components

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