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Industrial furnaces are high temperature chambers that are used in industrial heat treatment processes such as hardening, tempering, stress-relieving, finishing and melting of various metals. An Industrial furnace is direct fired using Gas, Oil or Electricity and can produce temperature above 500 degree celsius. Furnaces are used to bring change in physical and chemical properties of metals. Maan Global Industries is a renowned industrial furnace manufacturer in India since 2006, and suppliers of industrial furnaces in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Faridabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, UP, Jamshedpur, Rudrapur and all across India. We’ve built reputation as a prominent industrial furnace manufacturer in India and abroad supplying Heat Treatment furnaces, Annealing furnace, Stress Relief furnace, Electric furnace, Pit type furnace, Bell furnace, coil annealing furnace and Gas fired furnaces for over 2 decades.

A complete guide on types and classification of different types of furnaces and energy efficiency in furnaces.

Type of Furnace Industrial Furnace
BRAND MGI – Industrial Furnace Manufacturer in India
Material Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Refractory
Industrial Furnace Price Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs.10,00,000 based on the type, size and application of the furnace
Power Source Electric
Phase Three
Input Voltage (V) Standard
Furnace Voltage (V)


Industrial furnaces are also used in metallurgical production for smelting at high temperatures, in heat treatment, tempering, in some areas such as the food industry, for drying, aerospace, and for fermentation at low temperatures. Industrial furnaces often use Regenerative burners, Oil burners, Electric heating elements and Gas Burners.

Industrial furnaces are used in high-temperature zones such as:

  • enamel cooking: 600°C to 1100°C
  • heat treatment of metals: 1100°C
  • rolling, extrusion, cooking of ceramic materials, heat treat thermal processing, and pressing: 1350°C
  • melting and smelting of metals: 1700°C

For every application that requires heat processing, the Industrial furnaces and Industrial Ovens are manufactured to the exact standards and requirements of the customer that can produce high quality heat treating results with uniformity in heating. Focused on the specific needs of various industries, our experienced team manufactures heat-treatment furnaces ranging from annealing to calcining to smelting to hardening of alloy materials and tempering. We are one of the most reliable industrial furnace manufacturer in India.

Industrial furnace price starts at Rs. 2,00,000 lacs and could go upto Rs. 15,00,000 lacs based on the size and type of industrial furnace you choose for your application. On the other hand Electric furnace price range between Rs. 2,00,000 lacs to Rs. 10,00,000 lacs or more and gas furnace price starts at Rs. 1,50,000 lacs and goes upto Rs. 10,00,000. If you are looking for an affordable industrial furnace price in India then contact MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, among the leading industrial furnace manufacturers in India.

How to Select the right type of Industrial Furnace for a heating process?

Industrial furnaces are made of high temperature resistant materials (refractory) that can withstand high temperatures of above 600 degrees to 1400 degree celsius without breaking down for several years. Once should consider specifications, configuration, atmosphere, temperature control, and general features when purchasing an industrial furnace.


Important specifications to keep in mind when looking for an industrial furnace include:

  • process temperature
  • width or tube outer diameter
  • length of the chamber or tube
  • height
  • pressure range
  • Quench tank if required

It is important to consider the process temperature since, it is the maximum temperature at which a furnace may operate and still maintain the rated performances. You should also consider the inner dimensions (working chamber) Length X Width X Height to ensure that it can hold the process material of your choice easily and offer temperatures that are suitable for your heating needs. The pressure range is the pressure range through which a furnace can operate without breaking down. MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES is a well known Industrial furnace manufacturing company in India that manufactures Box furnaces, Aluminum melting furnace, rotary furnaces, forging furnaces, pusher furnaces, tempering furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, vacuum furnaces, hardening furnaces and bogie hearth furnaces.

Various Types of Industrial Furnaces

Choices for configuration for industrial furnaces include ashing, box or muffle, bottom loading, top loading, bench or cabinet, belt, continuous or conveying, pusher, and walk-in or truck-in furnaces.

  • Box furnaces are common and are very convenient furnaces to use. Box furnaces are box-shaped and generally smaller in size.
Max Temperature Forging for max 1300 degree C
Features Energy Regulator
Chamber Size 2ft W X 2ft L X 2ft H
Capacity Upto 100 Tons / Batch
Heating Medium Oil /Gas Burner /Electric
  • Belt furnaces have a continuous belt that carry the unprocessed substrates through the furnace chamber. In general, continuous or conveying conveyor units are built for catering the needs of automated production units that have larger quantities of small-to-medium-sized products.
  • Bottom loading furnaces load the sample or product to be treated through the bottom of the chamber via a platform elevator.
  • In a top loading furnace, the product to be processed is loaded from the top.
  • A pusher furnace is a type of continuous furnace in which parts to be heated are periodically charged into the furnace in containers, which are pushed along the hearth against a line of previously charged containers thus advancing the containers toward the discharge end of the furnace, where they are used. 
  • Cabinet or bench furnaces describe small batch equipment typically mounted on integral stands.
  • Batch industrial furnaces and ovens are typically suited for processing quantities of product in a single batch.
  • Walk-in or truck-in furnaces describe larger size batch equipment, typically with double doors and integral carts, shelves, etc.
  • Best industrial furnace manufacturer in India that are affordable, highly efficient and long-lasting.

Features of Industrial furnaces

Common atmospheres for industrial furnaces include air or oxidizing, inert, reducing, salt bath, and vacuum. Furnaces may have either a single set point or a programmable controller to adjust temperature and temperature stability. Choices for heat source include arc, combustion, electrical or resistance, indirect or contact or conduction, induction, carbide heating elements, infrared or radiant, natural gas, propane, oil, other fuel, RF or microwave or dielectric, and steam.

Applications of Industrial furnaces

Common applications for industrial ovens include aging, annealing, baking, brazing or soldering, burn-off, curing, drying, firing or sintering, foundry or melting, heat treating, hot pressing, laboratory, preheating, and quenching. Other features include over-temperature protection, three-zone or multi-zone, computer interface, application software, view ports, and service or entry holes.

Heat Treatment Furnace Manufacturer in India and Types of Heat Treatment Furnace

Heat treating or heat treatment is a process to alter physical and sometimes chemical properties of metals in the metal working industry.  These physical and chemical property alterations typically come in the form of hardening or softening of a material via heating and chilling at extreme temperatures. Heat treating occurs at temperatures above 600° celsius and often in excess of 1000° celsius. MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES is the leading heat treatment furnace manufacturer in India.

Working Principle of Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace

Hardening Furnace Manufacturer in India

hardening furnace manufacturer

MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES is a renowned industrial furnace manufacturer in the country that manufactures exceptional quality Hardening Furnace. We are one of the leading Hardening Furnace manufacturers and suppliers of industrial furnaces in Mumbai, Pune, Faridabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, UP, Rudrapur, Jamshedpur, India. Each industrial furnace is equipped with latest technology for high performance heating and long-lasting working capabilities.

The unique design of our industrial furnaces built using quality materials and excellent quality spares makes Furnace durable for rugged use. Tested for quality and performance parameters in line with internationally prescribed standards, our Hardening Furnace is sure to add value and efficiency to your setup. We are one of the renowned Industrial Furnace manufacturer and suppliers in India.

Features of a Hardening Furnace:

  • Superior construction materials.
  • Easy & automated operation.
  • Zero maintenance cost.
  • Superior insulation material for nearly zero heat losses from the chamber.
  • Electric, gas or oil fired options available.
  • Automation control via Digital PID controller and Thermostat panels.

Roller Hearth Furnaces for Steel Tubes, Steel Bars, Forging Unit, Heat Treatment

Roller Hearth Furnaces are very versatile, easy to load due to efficient configuration and are mostly used for index moving of work load baskets.

Industrial Furnaces and ovens designed for batch process applications, and indexing-continuous production. We are the leading manufacturer of roller hearth furnaces in India.

Roller-hearth furnaces can be set up in an oscillating configuration for long heating cycles on very long stock such as pipe, tubing, strip, and slabs. Roller hearth furnaces are capable of handling heavy loads in high volumes because the rollers that enable smooth movement of individual carriers, unlike pusher furnaces which rely on forcing a long line of base trays against each other to achieve movement of the product.
Here’s a very useful article for heat loss optimization in a roller hearth furnace.

Roller Hearth furnaces can be continuous or indexing on a fixed interval or can operated via forward/reverse oscillation-in-place to accomplish a particular time-temperature cycle.

Rotary Furnace Manufacturers in India for Aluminum Melting

rotary furnace manufacturer

MGI, a leading Rotary Furnace manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our technologically advanced rotary Furnaces are designed and developed by a team of experienced designers and technicians for optimal performance. Each rotary furnace is designed and manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of the customer and space where the furnace has to be installed.

Using high quality materials (refractory) and spares for manufacturing rotary Furnaces, MGI has earned a name for itself as being the most affordable industrial furnace manufacturer in India. The unique design along with exceptional performance output has earned a name for the company manufacturing rotary industrial furnaces. Being a notable Rotary Furnace manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, India, we only manufacture industrial electric furnaces.


Max Temperature 400 to 500 degree Celsius
Phase Three
Usage/Application Annealing for Amorphous
Voltage 440 V
Frequency 50 Hz

Our industrial ovens and tempering furnaces are available in custom sizes and either gas fired or electrically heated. The standard maximum continuous temperature ratings offered are 800°F (425°C), 1000°F (540°C), 1250°F (675°C), and 1400°F (760°C).

Steel Tempering furnace and ovens are provided for temperature ranges from 100º celsius to 1000 º celcius. MGI manufactures industrial Tempering furnace in custom designs and dimensions to match customer production and process requirements. 

Features of Tempering Furnaces

  • Tempering Furnaces are manufactured using heavy duty and stable steel frame and refractory materials.
  • Steel Tempering Furnaces are insulated with the best insulating material available.
  • Automation control panels are available for Steel Tempering Furnaces.


We manufacture pusher type furnaces for continuous- indexing production in custom designs to match customer production and heating process requirements. In a pusher furnace the indexing pusher mechanism is located outside of the furnace and pushes a whole train of trays or containers along the length of the furnace. 

Our pusher type furnaces and ovens are provided for temperature ranges from 150º celsius to 1600º celsius to perform the following process applications such as Forging, Ferrous Casting and Aluminum. Our pusher furnace have fixed ‘roll-rails’ or ‘skid rails’ on top of the refractory hearth to support the trays or containers along the furnace. We use Pulse firing combustion systems for high-performance heating treating and the most advanced heat recovery system using recuperative burners that offer fuel savings from 10% up to 50% vs cold air system. A trusted industrial furnace manufacturer in India that manufactures high-quality pusher furnaces for the forging industry and heat treatment companies.

Forging Furnace Manufacturer

MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES is the leading manufacturer of Forging furnaces with the best technology for the heating and reheating large steel ingots, automotive parts, gears and aircraft parts. 

We are the best manufacturer of forging furnaces in India for the past 15 years serving the industry with our high quality electric industrial heat treatment furnaces, bell type or box type normalizing furnaces, tempering furnaces, annealing furnaces, shaker hearth furnaces, continuous heat treatment furnaces, rotary furnaces, gas carburizing furnaces, hardening furnace, industrial ovens, melting furnaces, burn out casting furnaces, ammonia cracker furnaces, heating furnaces, baking ovens, controlled atmosphere furnaces, nitriding furnaces, bright annealing furnaces, lab furnaces, high temperature furnaces, muffle furnaces with thyristor scr panel ,automatic ramp and soak feature and maintaining heating rate cycle, programmer p.i.d controller muffle furnace, hot tensile testing furnace with double zone independent control, spectro sample polishing  machine, argon purifier furnaces, heating elements, thermocouples, carbon sulphur apparatus and quality lab metallurgical testing equipment, lab ovens, air circulation ovens and lab testing equipment etc.

Industrial Electric Furnace Manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, India

Power Source Industrial Electric Furnace Manufacturer
Automation Grade Automatic
Usage Heat Treatment Furnace
Chamber material Ceramic Fibre
Application Heating Steel, iron and other metal
Type Electric Furnace
Industrial Electric Furnace Price Rs. 2,00,000 lacs to Rs. 10,00,000 lacs
In an industrial electric furnace the heat is generated by conductors that resist the passage of a current flowing through them. Electric furnace is widely used in heat treatment process such as forging heating and dry or melt materials. Industrial Electric furnaces are used extensively in various industries because of their numerous advantages such as temperatures up to 3000°C can be achieved in the furnace chamber. Process material can be uniformly heated either by appropriately locating the heating elements along the walls of the furnace chamber or by means of forced circulation of heat using convection blowers inside the chamber. Automatic control of the power and, consequently, of the temperature conditions in such a furnace is easily achieved using control panels, thermostat and temperature control panels.
industrial electric furnace manufacturer
Resistance furnaces are readily mechanized and automated, thus alleviating the work of personnel and facilitating the inclusion of such furnaces in automatic transfer lines. In addition, they are compact. Such furnaces provide a secure environment for various processes. A resistance furnace may be well sealed, in which case the heating is carried out in a vacuum, or it may contain either a gaseous medium that prevents oxidation or a special atmosphere for chemical case hardening, for example, for carburization or nitriding.
MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES manufactures Industrial Electric Furnaces in India for various industries at affordable prices.

Annealing Furnace Manufacturer in India

Melting Material Carbon steel
Power 12 kW
Max Temperature 900-1000 Degree Celsius
Phase Three
Frequency 50 Hz
Brand Argo
Voltage 440 V
Annealing furnace is used to heat the carbon steel to appropriately 40 degree celsius above AC3 or AC1 for 1 hour and slowly cooled to 38 degree celsius for 1 hour usually furnace cooled. The furnace should be switched while steel is still inside. Fully annealed steel is soft and ductile. Affordable annealing furnaces in India from one of the most reliable industrial furnace manufacturer in India.
Manufacturer of electric industrial heat treatment furnaces, bell type or box type normalizing furnaces, tempering furnace, annealing furnace, continuous heat treatment furnace, rotary furnaces, gas carburizing furnace manufacturer, gas fired furnace manufacturers in India, hardening furnace manufacturer, industrial ovens manufacturer, melting furnace manufacturer, heating furnaces, enamel coating baking ovens, controlled atmosphere furnaces, nitriding furnaces, bright annealing furnaces, lab furnaces, high temperature furnaces, muffle furnaces, p.i.d temperature controller, muffle furnace manufacturer in India.

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