Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot

Cut Wire Shots

Stainless steel cut wire shot is being utilized in an expanding number of critical applications where ferrous tainting in blasting hardened steel, titanium, aluminum, or other non-ferrous work items could be unsafe. It is likewise utilized in peening these metals (hardened steel, titanium, metal or aluminum) in work protests that are liable to push consumption splitting. Shots are delivered from different evaluations of treated steel type 302/304, type 316, type 430. It creates a brilliant surface, keeps up its shape longer at that point cast abrasives what’s more, it creates a residue free surface. Hardened Steel Cut Wire is accessible as cut or molded and with different synthetic sytheses.

The monetary case for utilizing pure cut wire shot in peening and blast cleaning activities is very simple to make: cut wire does not crack or separate amid use since it is a strong piece.Stainless Steel Cut Wire is made by cutting Stainless steel wire into pellets, the length equivalent to the distance across of the wire.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot

  • Produces very bright surfaces
  • Longer life than cast abrasives
  • No hollow, splits, or twins
  • Maintains size and shape longer than cast abrasives
  • Produces dust free surfaces
  • No scale contamination
  • Creates less dust than cast products
  • Stainless steel cut wire shot produces magnificent outcomes in view of its consistency and quality
  • Stainless steel cut wire shot has an altogether longer life than cast abrasives and carbon cut wire shot
  • It will make you a “Greener” organization because disposal of spent media will be significantly reduced

Available Shapes:

  • As- Cut : Cylindrical
  • Normal : Corners Pre Rounded
  • Conditioned : Almost Spherical
  • Semi conditioned : not spherical

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