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Annealing is the process of heating plastic to a temperature where it softens enough to flow freely. From here, it is in molds to take shapes where it will later slowly cool. This process helps to reduce the stress on the plastic, creating products that have a better finish. Plastic annealing ovens manufacturer in India offer plastic heating ovens in size ranging from 100 liters to 1200 liters in volume for batch type oven and infrared conveyor ovens for plastic annealing can be designed as per the desired length and production rates. The maximum temperature attainable in these ovens is 300C. Here’s an insight article on the effect of high temperature on polypropylene, mechanical properties, and surface quality of plastic parts.

At MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, we design and manufacture plastic annealing ovens that heats the plastic at specified rate till it achieves uniform Annealing temperature through entire surface of plastic material, once the annealing temperature is achieved plastic annealing heater maintains the annealing temperature for specified time duration based on the type of plastic under process, later cooling down the plastic at fixed to achieve to achieve the ambient temperature. Annealing (Stress Relief) Technical Guidelines post machining work on plastic parts.

Maan Global Industries is the leading Plastic Annealing oven manufacturer in India:

Batch Type Plastic Annealing Oven Manufacturer

Batch Plastic annealing heaters are the most common for the annealing. It has door for opening and closing for the purpose of loading and unloading the racks and then heated at controlled rate of heat transfer. Batch plastics annealing heaters also comes in multi stack arrangement for loading multiple trays. The main limitation of these heaters is that they are non-continuous process and a longer annealing operation due to the restricted air flow.

plastic annealing oven

Product Specification of Plastic Annealing Oven Batch Type

Brand MGI
Price Rs. 4,50,000
Usage/Application Plastic Annealing
Power Source Electric
Load 36KW
Control Automatic
Capacity 0-100 Kg, 100-500 Kg, 500-1000 Kg
Material Inner Stainless Steel Chamber
Country of Origin India

Product Specification of Plastic Heating Oven Manufacturer

Power Load 24KW
Price Rs. 3,50,000
Power Source Electric
Brand MGI
Usage/Application Plastic Heating Oven
Oven Type Electric Plastic Annealing Oven
Temperature 100-250 deg. Celsius
Material GI Inner Chamber
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit

Conveyorized Plastic Annealing Oven Manufacturer

Product Specification of Conveyorized Plastic Annealing Oven

Oven Type Conveyor Plastic Annealing Oven
Plastic Annealing Oven Price Rs. 9,50,000
Power Source Electric
Load 42KW
Usage/Application Plastic Annealing Oven
Size 3000mm x 1500mm Heating Tunnel
Temperature 100-250 deg. Celsius
Brand MGI
Material SS Mesh Belt Conveyor
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit

Product Specification of Conveyor Plastic Heating Oven

Oven Type Conveyor Plastic Heating Oven
Plastic Heating Oven Price Rs. 12,50,000
Power Source Electric
Load 42KW
Usage/Application Plastic Heating Oven
Size 4500mm x 1500mm Heating Tunnel
Temperature 100-250 deg. Celsius
Brand MGI
Material SS Mesh Belt Conveyor
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit

Conveyorized Plastic Annealing heaters is a continuous annealing process in which the plastic parts are placed on the conveyor belt that is moving inside long tube like oven structure which is having proper heating arrangement based on the client requirement. The annealing process with conveyorized plastic annealing heating arrangement becomes much faster than that of a batch oven. Additionally the continuous character of the technique is more suitable for the industrial implementation.

As a leading plastic annealing oven manufacturer in India we have years of experience in the process of annealing of plastic parts at a specific temperature to turn in soft and free-flowing besides shaping it with the help of mold and cooling it. The plastic loses stress under the annealing process and becomes an improved product to match all strong industry applications. As your plastic parts come of out of the injection molding process, plastic annealing oven is used for stress relief of the plastic parts. The annealing expertise that we have as a plastic heating oven manufacturer, increases the stability of polymers and plastic parts, improving chemical and mechanical properties and enhancing the capacity of machining. The plastic annealing oven can only be used for heating plastic. Induction of the residual stresses is possible while machining the plastic parts. Such stresses can curb cracking and wear resistance besides affecting the strength of the material. That’s when the plastic annealing oven is used as it helps in heating plastic parts for stress relief purpose. The transition temperature has to be checked since the plastics must receive annealing heats below this temperature. It’s necessary to continue such heating for a preset time frame.

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