Cabinet Type Shot Blasting Machine

Cabinet Type Shot Blasting Machine

In Cabinet type Shotblasting machine you will find two different types of machines one is Suction type Shotblasting machine and the other is Pressure Type Shotblasting machine.

Let’s understand both types of machine in detail:

In Suction Type Machine it eliminates burrs, flashings etc. and other defects from castings and automotive components. It is one of the most simplest way to remove corrosion and old paint. It has a very good industrial demand in the market and widely used by small and medium scale industries. This product does not requires much maintenance in comparison to different other blasting machines means it is a money saver machine. This machine is known for its low maintenance cost, long lasting and light weight for easy shifting. It is ideal for heat treatment shops, dye, mould & tool makers etc. In Suction Type shotblasting Machine, the debris & dust are segregated and only clean & sized abrasive are conveyed to blast guaranteeing a homogeneous finish. It is useful for Touch up work of light metal components. It has longer running time with very excellent durability with high efficiency and user friendly interface. There are various advantages of Suction Type Machine like less moving parts and valves makes the suction type machine maintenance easier. Air requirement of the suction is totally depends upon the air injector size, which is much low.

In Pressure Type Machine blaster emits the abrasives with high pressure that cleans surface rapidly. It is highly recommended for removal of sand, rust, corrosion, coating removal, Contaminant Removal, paints, cleaning of castings Tube Cleaning and forgings etc. It has greater intensity compared to suction type machine and it can increase your production by 100 percent. You can use different types of media steel abrasive, sand, garnet, aluminium oxide, glass bead, coconut shell etc. It provides an excellent surface for bonding and plating. It leaves a very good finish on most metals.


  • Expel rust, process scale, warm scale and carbon development from metals
  • Kill burrs, separating lines, blazing and other abandons from castings and infusion formed parts
  • Sand Removal
  • Cylinder Cleaning
  • Strip paint, powder covering, plating and anodising from parts for revise
  • Decorate steel, treated steel, aluminum, metal and different metals with a matte wrap up
  • Engraving craftsmanship and lettering into glass, stone, plastics, metal and other material
  • Clean discharge specialists and material development from molds

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