Composite Curing Oven Manufacturer India and Supplier of Composite Drying Oven

A composite curing oven is used to cure and dry composite materials. The curing process involves¬† bagging composite materials and putting them under a vacuum while being cured. Since, each composite curing application is unique and a high performance composite curing oven is required for each specific curing process, that’s why you need an experienced composite curing oven manufacturer in India. The process of drying of composite resins occurs in three main phases: pre-gel, gel point and post-gel. During the pre-gel phase, the material may flow and undergo molecular rearrangement, in order to compensate shrinkages forces. During this phase, there is a predominance of linear polymer chains.

composite curing oven manufacturer

A composite curing oven uses heat to create a chemical reaction to cure a finish or adhesive onto a product, or to solidify a plastic or epoxy. The result is a harder, tougher, more stable material or coating that resists temperature, humidity, and/or corrosion. Common applications include curing parts, coatings, and adhesives. 

Here’s a very insightful article on curing effectiveness of resin composites.

These out of autoclave (OOA) composite curing ovens are available electrically heated, gas-fired, or indirect gas-fired. As a standard, they are designed with a combination airflow arrangement which ensures even & uniform heat distribution throughout the work chamber and provides quicker heating rates and recovery times. As a leading composite curing oven manufacturer in India, we offer temperature uniformity of 176 Degree Celsius and beyond as per the requirement.

We provide complete out of autoclave curing system that includes a carbon fiber oven, integrated multi-port vacuum system, and process controller, that creates the ability to maintain tight temperature uniformity.

Our well design composite drying oven incorporates multi-part thermocouple and vacuum systems that are at par compared to any other composite curing oven manufacturer in India. For out of autoclave carbon fiber manufacturing and out of autoclave composite manufacturing, our composite curing ovens are the best in heating uniformity and durability.

Product Specification of Composite curing oven

Oven Type Composite Curing Oven Manufacturer
Brand MGI
Price Rs. 5,50,000
Capacity 500 kgs
Air-Flow Direction Vertical Down Airflow
Material Inner SS 304
Display Analog
Max Temperature 250 degree C
Power 26KW
Usage/Application Composite Curing
Number of Heating Pipe 10
Material Loading Horizontal

Product Specification of Composite Drying Oven

Oven Type Composite Drying Oven
Brand MGI
Power Load 20KW
Power Source Electric
Usage/Application Composite Drying Oven
Material Mild Steel
Door Type Double Door
Operation Semi Automatic
Voltage 380 V

Precision Composites Curing Oven

Features of Composite Curing Oven

  • Heavy-duty, fully welded structural steel frame or panelized construction
  • Automated vacuum bagging systems
  • High volume, vertical-up air circulation system
  • Airflow alarm system
  • Structural steel support framework
  • High volume vertical-up airflow system
  • Circulation fans with ports
  • Isolated conditioning plenum above chamber
  • Adjustable dampers
  • Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controller
  • Differential air pressure switch
  • Sheathed heaters

Benefits of a Composite Drying Oven

  • Flexible design can cure composite materials of complex contours, shapes, and sizes with little to no void content.
  • Cures advanced composite materials such as carbon fibers, ceramics, thermoset, thermoplastic. resins, epoxies, aramids, glass fibers, and nano-materials.
  • Customizable to unique industry applications, including aerospace, sports & recreation, marine, automobile, and wind/energy.
  • Economical operation with energy-efficient, quick cycle times.
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and precisely controlled airflow.
  • Standard and custom sizes to fit any workspace and accommodate any application.

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Composite Curing Oven Manufacturer India and Supplier of Composite Drying Oven

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