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Varnish curing requires precision heating system because varnish is a combination of a resin, drying oil and a solvent. It is transparent and has no pigments. Varnish forms a film over the object and hardens once the solvent evaporates. Factors such as heat, humidity, type of oil, ratio of oil to resin affect the drying and curing of varnish. Custom designed varnish curing oven manufacturer in India and varnish baking system that meet your production volumes and resin curing requirements. Our experience in the varnish curing and varnish coating industry enables us to design and manufacture highly quality varnish curing ovens for various industries.
varnish curing oven manufacturer
The Varnish curing oven can be infrared heating oven batch type or a conveyor type oven for continuous curing process for high production rate. The latest electro beam curing is also on the market for varnish curing. With the help of electronic PID controllers, you can set the temperature to the desired level which will maintain the heating chamber temperature to the desired level according to the curing requirements. As a leading Varnish curing Oven manufacturer, we understand that need of continuous and precise heat flow to cure the varnish uniformly.

Varnish curing oven Manufacturer offers various types of banking oven to the varnish coating industry:

  • Convection heating, Infrared curing oven, Resistance and Induction heating ovens
  • Gas fired varnish curing oven manufacturer
  • Electric varnish curing oven manufacturer
  • Hot Water and Steam heating ovens
  • Varying air flows and directions in convection hot air ovens
  • Varying Infrared heat sources and wavelength emitters
  • Forced air or Chilled air cooling for handling the parts after curing
  • Varying temperatures for the varnish being used

Video Showing Instant UV cured Varnish

Types of Varnish Drying Oven Manufacturer in India

Varnish Drying Ovens we offer are the varnish curing systems that run into various resin requirements as well as production volumes. The products are useful for the process of varnish coating as well as for curing industry. The ovens render the ability to produce field built as well as factory built systems. These systems can be integrated with all varieties of conveying systems including i-beam conveyor systems, individual held parts, multiple part carriers, overhead monorail and employing racks of parts on slat as well as chain conveyors. Varnish Drying Ovens are applicable for heating the object before dropping in varnish chemical. 
Key Benefits of Varnish Drying Oven:
  • Come with convection as well as induction heat methods. Also rendered with chilled air as well as forced air cooling so as to handling the parts after the process of curing.
  • Variable temperatures as well as varying air flows, assorted directions in convection hot air ovens. Also rendered with varying infrared heat sources as well as wavelength emitters.
  • Have been properly designed to run into all ventilation requirements. Offered with safety designs that are combined for safe electrical operation. Also provisioned with explosion relief concerns as well as safety of the operators. Come with many system as well as controls so as to be integrated into main assembly lines for automation.
  • When process needs an alteration, the ovens can be adapted as well as rebuilt to run into the current design criterions and boost the throughput efficiency. 

Product Specification of Varnish Drying Oven

Type of Oven Varnish curing Oven manufacturer
Price of Varnish Curing Oven Rs. 3,50,000 – Rs. 6,50,000
Temperature Range 300 Degree C – 450 Degree C
MOC Inner SS 304, Outer MS
Capacity 500 Kgs – 1000Kgs
Brand MGI
Power Load 26KW
Country of Origin India
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Product Specification of Infrared Curing Oven for Varnish Drying

infrared curing oven

Type of Oven Infrared curing Oven
Price of Infrared Curing Oven Rs. 4,50,000 – Rs. 8,50,000
Temperature Range 250 Degree C – 300 Degree C
MOC Inner SS 304, Outer MS
Capacity 1000 Kgs – 2500Kgs
Brand MGI
Power Load 46KW
Country of Origin India
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Product Specification of Conveyorized Curing Oven for Varnish Curing

Type of Oven Conveyor Curing Oven for Varnish Drying
Price Rs.12,50,000 – Rs.14,50,000
Size 5000mm x 1200mm
Temperature Range 250 Degree C – 400 Degree C
Brand MGI
Power Load 80kw
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Product Specification of Motor Varnish Drying Oven

Type of Oven Motor Varnish Drying Oven
Capacity 50 MOTOR TO 250 MOTOR
Price Rs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 4,50,000
Brand MGI
Power Load 40KW
Country of Origin India
Temperature Range 400 Degree C Max.
Temp. controller PID Digital controller
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

At Maan Global Industries, our design team enables some of the largest companies in the world when it comes to complex thermal energy product design and manufacturing. As a leading varnish curing oven manufacturer in India, our drying ovens are custom designed for specific applications considering production volumes, temperature requirements and size of the products.

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Best Varnish Curing Oven Manufacturer and Varnish Drying Oven Suppliers

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