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Blast Room system is used in a wide variety of industries that require surface preparation prior to the application of a protective coating. The surface of the work piece is cleaned by a mixture of abrasive and high pressure compressed air being directed by blast nozzle. The blast room contains the abrasive being shot at the work piece, as well providing lighting and ventilation for operator’s safety.

A complete solution provider in the field of surface preparation provides its expertise for every industry. MGI design, manufactured, installed, erected & commissioned huge turnkey projects for various renowned industries. If you are looking for Blast Room System manufacturers in India then MGI can design and deliver Blast Room across any state and city in India.

‘MGI’ offers variety of  blast room designs and room configuration which allows us to design a blast room facility uniquely tailored to meet the economic production, safety and environmental concerns of each customers. 

‘MGI’ Blast Room system installed in various Industries 

Railway Industries: The diesel, Electro locomotive, coaches factories, requires surface treatment.  The blasting technology is used in many applications throughout the rail transportation industry and supplier.

Aviation Industries: In aviation every components are given precise surface treatment to make them safe for the flyers.

Offshore Industries: The oil extractor structures submersed in sea water are severely and directly affected for contamination of the structure in the field of offshore drilling industries.

Marine Industries: The common structures hulls, belly, deck and various parts in the marine industry required to protect from high humidity .

Wind Mill Industries: They are affected with varying environmental conditions after their installation and during service. These structures are protected by using different technology.

Automotive Industries: To remove or minimise the effect of corrosion, reduce frictional energy loss, reduce wear or to improve the aesthetic appearance of surface.

Power Industries: In the power generating units the structures and components are directly effected with water falling from the heights steam gases burner and atomic reaction and require frequent maintenance for enhancing the service life.

Working demo video of Blast Room System

Blast Room Consists of various items:- 

  1. Enclosure: The modular blast room is specially ventilated and illuminated for enclosed abrasive blasting and is fully sealed, dust tight all steel structure. The components and prefabricated for simple bolt together erection, with little or not job site welding required. The enclosure stand by its own structural support without connection to the surrounding facilities. The size of the enclosure depends on- The size of the job, Number of operations, Adequate working space around the job.



  1. Abrasive Blasting Machine: Blast room are provided with abrasive blasting machine. During the blasting process, the mushroom valve and exhaust are closed, the vessel is pressurized and the media is forced out through the feed valve to the nozzle. When the blasting cease, the vessel is depressurized by opening the pressure valve. The vessels remains depressurized except when blasting is in process. The remote control valve provided in the system release the pressure,  stopping the blasting process there by ensuring safe working conditions for the operator in case the hose and nozzle drops accidently.
  2. Dust Collector (Fabric/Cartridge/Cyclone/Pleated): It is very essential to remove dust and fine abrasive particles from the environment of the blast chamber to maintain the efficient operation.  Dust Collector are broadly classified into 4 major types: 
  • Cyclone Type
  • Fabric Type
  • Cartridge Type
  • Pleated bag type

      4.  Blasting Media Recovery and Separation System: 

      5.  Operator Safety Wear

blast room system doors

Door: The doors are the main constituent of any blast room system. The door can be of hinge, sliding, collapsible, folding, motorized with roof opening types are being used as per applicability for the blast room enclosure. ‘MGI’ offers these doors as per client requirement and maintain their operation safety and trouble free movements.

Floor design for mechanical recycle: The floor design you select will determine the capabilities of the room, the degree of labour involvement, cost of purchase and installation and return on your investment.

Types of Reclaim System: 

  1. Single Screw Partial Reclaim System
  2. “U” Shaped Screw Partial Reclaim System
  3. “H” Shaped Screw Partial Reclaim System
  4. Full Floor Screw Partial Reclaim System

Bucket Elevator: The bucket elevator of seamless type made of stteel sheet.  Bucket elevator is fabricated from MS Material as we as boot section, trunk and top section. A one piece cast iron pully which has been crowned for tracking and rubber lagged to prevent slippage are located in the boot and head section of the elevator to drive the belt.  

Abrasive Cleaner: The media separation units is an air wash rotary screen separator which receives all media and debris from blasted work piece by the bucket elevator. Contaminants are removed by rotary screen and are discharged. The finer contaminants are abrasive that passes through the screen then cascade over the air wash where fine contaminants and small abrasive particles are removed and reusable abrasive falls in the machine.

Basic Functions of Abrasive Recovery System  

  • Delivering the abrasive which rebounds off the work piece to a central recovery point. 
  • Transporting the abrasive from the central point to an abrasive cleaner
  • Removing dust, fines and other unwanted material from the abrasive before it enter to blasting machine to reuse or recycle.

Mechanical Recovery System : It consists of Bucket Elevator, Abrasive Cleaner and Screw Conveyor

Pneumatic Recovery System: Consist of mini hopper, Plenum Reclaimer and Dust Collector 

Work Car and Trolley

For conveying heavy and big components/job are loading and conveyed on trolley mounted turn table in blast room. ‘MGI’ offers many types of turn table and trolleys for 1 ton to 100 tons as per customer’s requirement.   

Conveyor Belt System

Like other media recovery system, rubber belt media conveying system is used to transport the abrasive/shot during blasting operation in blast room system. The abrasive falling in the blast room during blasting operation gets conveyed for recycle by the belt conveyor fitted under the floor hoppers. 

Blast Room Accessories

  • Floor Grating
  • Electric Panel with PLC
  • Deadman Handle
  • Mixing Tube
  • Remote control
  • Dust collector Cartridges
  • Mushroom Valve and Pinch valve
  • Blasting Hose Pipe
  • Different sizes of nozzles and holders
  • Operator Safety Wear Accessories

Real Blast Room images Installed by “MGI”

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