Sand Blasting Machine Installations in India for Automotive, Construction Aviation, Casting, Forging Industries

sand blasting machine installations

As one of the leading manufacturer of Sand Blasting Machines in India, MGI has had a great journey so far that started almost 14 years ago. We’ve installations of sand blasting machines for renowned customers across various industries such as Automotive Component Manufacturers, Ancillaries, OEMs, Construction companies, Metal craft industries, Casting and Forging companies, Aviation companies, Powder Coating industry, Ship Yards and Truck Body Manufacturers. Apart from the above, Sand Blasting Machine installations are also carried out for Precious metal refining companies that require high safety standards as per the National Occupational Standards , sugar mills, bike and auto rickshaw manufacturing companies.

We’ve also exported and on-going Installation of Sand Blasting Machines in UAE, Africa, New Zealand and Nepal. Maintaining high standards of sandblasting manufacturing and quality processes, Maan Global Industries offers sand blasting machines that are maintenance free and long-lasting.

Sand Blasting Machine Installations for Various Industries & Customers

Here are some of the case studies of Sand Blasting Machine Installations that we have undertaken for some of the most renowned companies:

1. Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machine installation in Jammu

Designed & Installed a High Performance Sand Blasting Cabinet for IIT which is capable of blasting different types of Abrasive Media such as Glass Beads, Aluminum Oxide, Sand, Steel Shots, Soda and Walnut Shell. This sand blasting cabinet has a full media recovery system which ensures zero wastage of blasting media and also has a dust collection system for pollution free Sand Blasting Process.

2. Sand Blasting Machines for a Large Construction company in Chandigarh

The construction company has a turnover in excess of Rs. 1100 crores and it involved in building power projects, bridges and highways. MGI has installation of Sand Blasting Machines for bridge construction projects across eastern India. Since, the company has requirements of multiple high capacity sand blasting machines in Bihar, Chandigarh and Uttar Pradesh, Maan Global Industries was given the job to deliver multiple Sand Blasting hoppers with 500 kgs in capacity. Since, these machines had to perform in humid environment, they are coated with special chemicals and paint to prevent corrosion. These sand blasting hoppers are capable of blasting abrasives ranging from Steel Shots to Sand to Aluminum Oxide.

3. Sand Blasting Cabinet for Food Processing Plant Manufacturer in Hyderabad

The customer is a renowned manufacturer of Food Processing Plants and is mainly involved in Exports. Their requirements were unique keeping high standards of exports in mind. MGI, has installed a Sand Blasting Cabinet of size 1200 x 1200 mm with an Automated Turn Table that moves 360 degrees and makes it easier for the die and fixtures to be mounted on the table. Our design team has created a unique fixture to mount various types of components that the company manufactures for food plants. These components now easily undergo the sand blasting process with a high production rate. The sand blasting cabinet is dust free and pollution free and fitted with a abrasive recovery system.

4. Sand Blasting Machine for a Railway components Company in Rudrapur

The company has 8 Manufacturing plants across India and is a renowned supplier to the Indian Railways. They have heavy and large size rail components that are complex in design and sand blasting was almost impossible without proper sand blasting machine and Equipment. Our team of engineers took the challenge and installed a high-performance sand blasting hopper 500 kgs capacity with a special fixture to load and turn 360 degrees of heavy loads of up to 400 kgs. The fixture gave the company flexibility to carry out sand blasting quickly on heavy loads and a special design blasting nozzle attached to the machine is capable of reaching the spots that can’t be reached otherwise. This sand blasting machine has a cleaning rate of 4 pieces in 10 minutes.

5. Sand Blasting Chamber for a Export House in Uttar Pradesh

The export house in involved in manufacturing of Metal items and exports to the U.S. and European Markets. They required a Sand Blasting Chamber which is completely pollution free and offers cost savings on Blasting media since their Abrasive costs were high. They were using high quality abrasive in an open space previously that resulted in losses. MGI has installed a Sand Blasting Chamber with an auto recovery system that enables full recovery of the abrasive media and auto loader into the Sand Blasting Machine which is fitted inside the Blasting Chamber. This Sand Blasting Chamber is completely pollution free, offers high production rate and clean capabilities and is fitted with a dust collection system to keep the surroundings completely pollution free.

6. Large Size Sand Blasting Cabinet for an Automotive Company

The customer is a renowned automotive manufacturing company in India. They have 12 plants across India and is a supplier to OEM. They required a large size blasting cabinet for sand blasting Engine components that are unique in design. This Sand Blasting Cabinet is highly advanced and fitted with a special fixture designed to mount various types of engine parts inside a high pressure blasting chamber. The Sand Blasting Cabinet offers high cleaning rate, pollution free environment, low-noise levels, less consumption of electricity, a turn table for 360 degree movement inside the blasting cabinet and a specially designed fixture to hold various types of engine components for optimum cleaning.

7. Wet Blasting Machine Water Based for an Aviation Company

The company is involved in Repair & Maintenance of Air craft engine parts for a Private and Government aviation companies. They required a wet blasting cabinet that blasts both water, liquid chemicals along with Abrasives media. MGI, is highly experienced in manufacturing wet sand blasting machines for aviation companies and aircraft maintenance companies. The Wet Blasting machine has Stainless Steel Chamber to prevent rust. It is fitted with an auto recovery system, leak proof chamber design, automatic wipers, booster pumps, water proof lighting systems and a control panel for controlling operations of the machine. It is a highly advanced wet blasting machine for the aviation company.

8. Portable Sand Blasting Machine for a Powder coating company

The customer is involved in Powder coating of small components for a fuel pipes manufacturing company. They required a Portable Sand Blaster to which is mobile and easy to install at any location. Maan Global Industries offers a very Portable Sand Blasting Machine which is suitable for Small industries, powder coating industry, rubber industry and small manufacturers. It is high mobile, has a cleaning rate of 1 to 2 square feet per minute, runs on just 3 HP compressor and has a 50 kg tank capacity.

9. Sand Blasting Hopper for a Road & Highways construction company in Abu Dhabi

The company is a major contractor in Abu Dhabi, UAE and constructs roads and highways. They were looking for a reliable manufacturer of Sand Blasting Machines that can deliver multiple high performance sand blasting hoppers on time. MGI, delivered 5 Sand Blasting hoppers on time with 500kgs capacity and special coating on the tanks to prevent corrosion.

10. Blasting Chamber for one of the Largest Construction & Infrastructure company in India

A major construction company in India was looking for a Sand Blasting Chamber to clean large beams, girders and Steel Bars. The girders were heavy and required a trolley system to move inside the blasting chamber with a load capacity of upto 20 tons. MGI has installed a Sand Blasting Chamber for this Construction company fitted with a load bearing trolley system, automated abrasive recovery system, a large dust collector and exhaust system so ensure operators can work for long hours inside the sand blasting chamber.

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Sand Blasting Machine Installations in India for Automotive, Construction Aviation, Casting, Forging Industries

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