Cheapest Bell Furnace Manufacturers & Suppliers in India 2024, Best Price of a Bell furnace and various Bell Type of Furnaces

Bell furnaces are commonly used for heat treating heavy loads in vertical position. Bell furnaces are used in various heat treatment process such as annealing, carburizing, hardening, tempering, although they can also be used for sintering processes at low temperatures, or for drying. Leading Bell furnace manufacturers in India for wire annealing, steel strips annealing, carburizing furnace, bright annealing furnace and bell type annealing furnace manufacturer.

bell furnace manufacturers

The load/product is heated inside a mobile cover or dome, which can be removed using a traveling hoist. Alternatively, an automatic lifting mechanism can also be provided as per the customer requirements. Bell furnace manufacturers in India generally offer customized designed and sizes based on the heat treatment requirements of a customer.

A complete guide to various types of furnaces used in heat treatment processes.

The most common bell furnaces are the single stack and multistack types used for annealing coils of cold-rolled steel strip. In multistack bell furnaces, three to eight stacks, each of which has its own muffle for protection against the effects of the hot air and products of combustion, are mounted on a rectangular 

stand under the heating dome. 

Each stack is 3–5 m high and contains three to five coils with a total weight of up to 180 tons. 

The dome is heated by gas or electrical resistance heaters. Upon completion of the heating process, the dome is transferred by crane to another stand and the products are left to cool under the muffles 

on the first stand. Heat exchange under the muffle is intensified by forced circulation of controlled gas. Cooling is accelerated by wetting the muffle with water or blowing cold air over it.

The working principle of a bell furnace is that during treatment in a bell furnace the coils of strip are loose, with spaces between the coil loops so that the gas circulates between the loops and flows over the entire surface of the strip, which makes 

possible thermochemical treatment and acceleration of heating and cooling.

MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES is the leading bell furnace manufacturers in India offering temperatures ranging from 550°C up to 1,200°C.

Major Parts of a Bell Type Furnace are:

  • base, diffuser and plenum and fan placed between base and diffuser.
  • inner cover and inner jacket, the first component with the function of complete covering of the system.
  • the second one for separating the charge area from the heated zone.
  • cooling cover, which allows rapid cooling after annealing process.

Bell Furnace working Video

Main Advantages of a bell furnace:

  • Excellent heating efficiency due to sealing between furnace and base; furnace can of different sizes based on the requirement.
  • Different bell lifting methods available, according to customer requirements and design.
  • Bell furnaces offer an economical method of heat treatment when used with multiple bases.
  • A bell furnace’s principal advantage is its simplicity, since not having any mechanism (such as a door or car), allied to its design principle, ensures a positive seal on the floor/base.
  • Normally, a bell furnace can change position or base, with the goal being better productivity, since by having two bases it remains operational for longer. While one load is processed, the other will be cooling or loading/unloading, optimizing furnace use. Bell type annealing furnace is the most widely used in the wire drawing and coil manufacturing industry.
  • Low maintenance system by not having mechanisms or moving parts in the furnace and that’s the uniqueness of bell furnace design. Maintenance is limited to the combustion and control equipment.

Types of Bell Type Furnaces and configurations offered by the leading Bell Furnace Manufacturers in India

Bell furnaces comes in electric heating, gas fired and oil fired configurations. Bell furnace manufacturers offer various heating sources depending on the application and customer requirements.

Steel Wire Annealing Bell Type Furnace

bell type annealing furnace

Effective loading space. Diameter 1,800 ~ 4,600mm;   Height 1,800 ~ 4,000mm. Can customize-make for special size.
Heating source. Electricity or gas(LPG or LNG).
Protection atmosphere. The Nitrogen, cracked gas of ammonia or hydrogen.
Electrical control system. PC touch screen installed with professional heat treatment software, fully in-process control.
Atmosphere system. Oxygen probe or Oxygen/ hydrogen analyzer.
The Configuration options:
A. Standard configuration: Bell – type furnace + electrical control system + ammonia cracker + oxygen probe system.   
B. High configuration: Bell-type furnace + electrical control system + Oxygen/ hydrogen analyzer.  
C. Premium configuration: Bell – type furnace + electrical control system + ammonia cracker + hydrogen/Oxygen analyzer. 
D. Full hydrogen configuration: Bell-type furnace + electrical control system + hydrogen generator + Oxygen/ hydrogen analyzer+ security control system.

Bell Type Electric Heat Treatment Furnace for Steel Strips


MGI Bell Type Furnace

MGI 150

Rated power



Rated voltage



Phase number






Temperature control area



Working temperature of inner cover



Annealing temperature



Temperature of furnace external


Indoor temperature +≤40

Furnace temperature uniformity


≤±5(Heat preservation stage)

Working dimension



Effective loading diameter



Effective loading height



Max loading weight



Cooling cover

Empty cold blast rate



Empty cold blast power



Empty cold blast rotate speed



Cooling water flow



Furnace base

Max loading



Heating fan power



Heating fan rotate speed



Diameter of blades



Inner cover




Max loading height



Max temperature



Max air pressure



Limiting vacuum



The requirement for protection gas: 1. safety gas: N2 99% 2. Ammonia decomposition gas: 7-10M3/h 3. Protect the gas purity requirement: O2≤3ppm ,NH3≤3ppm ,H2O≤-50ºCD.P

Bell Type Bright Annealing Furnace Manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru


Maximum temperature 1200ºC
Working temperature  1100ºC (continuous)
Heating rate 0-10ºC/min

Chamber size

Temperature control  PID automatic control
Voltage AC 415V 3Phase,50/60 Hz
Heating element Kanthal A1
Thermocouple R-type

Standard accessories
Power Control Unit, Temperature Controller, Wiring
Warranty  One year standard warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty.)

How much is the cost of a Bell Furnace?

Bell furnace manufacturers in India offer Bell type furnaces based on customized design and setup that affects the pricing for each furnace. However, cost of a bell furnace starts at Rs. 12,00,000 lacs and goes upto Rs. 52,00,000 lacs. 

Bell furnace is well suited for steel wires, steel strips, sintering processes and other metal heat treatment industries due to its high heating efficiency, low maintenance and robust design.

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Cheapest Bell Furnace Manufacturers & Suppliers in India 2024, Best Price of a Bell furnace and various Bell Type of Furnaces

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