Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Stone Shot Blasting Machine will feed a high economical continuous operation that has massive process batch for its improvement method. within the blasting space of the chamber, once the work piece can feed by the frequency conversion roller with electrical management, all sides of the body gets powerful and intensive shot hit. It makes the compound skin and dirt off the stone surface quickly drops to induce around bright and clean surface with sure roughness.

Spent abrasives are recovered by a longitudinal and a cross screw conveyor that feeds them to a bucket elevator. The bucket elevator discharges the abrasive into rotary screen extractor wherever all mud and dust is separated from the usable abrasives that are hold on within the storage hopper for re-circulation purpose & the non-usable abrasives and mud are rejected & disposed from the machine automatically.

In this machine, shots crammed into the surface of labor piece and therefore the small mud delivers to the projectile circulation system by exercise spiral conveyor, loading/unloading on either side of the compartment.

Applications of Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Stone Shot Blasting Machine is especially used for roughness process of marble, artificial stone, granite and alternative numerous things. It helps to extend the stone surface friction constant, improve the ornate price of the merchandise.

The machine is meant to handle slabs. The abrasives maintained on the slabs are wiped off by a rubber knife & the fine layer of abrasives is blown-off by AN adjustable air knife system that is operated with the assistance of compressed air.

The process of operation is controlled by a cube-shaped instrument panel that homes contact & over load protection devices together with contractors& timers of appropriate capability

The Advantage of Stone Shot Blasting Machine:

  • Can take away unsound surface, rust and alternative matters on the stone for a bright surface.
  • Improve technique characteristics, enhance resistance to rot, promote quality of merchandise and reduce pollution within the situated space.
  • This is continuous pass-through sorts of machine for automatically blasting plate and enormous alternative steel gears placed in its roller conveyor. Work items with overall dimensions not olympian the specifications may be blasted in an exceedingly continuous operation. every machine is supplied with Associate in Nursing integrated roller conveyor for powering the work items at a lower place the blasting wheels. The blast wheels are mounted on top of and below the conveyor at optimum angles for effectively blasting all exposed work piece surfaces.

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