Garnet Steel Shot

Garnet Steel Shots

Garnet Steel Shot is preferably reasonable to be used for business cleaning on castings of zinc, and aluminum, regular reason cleaning, de-blazing, de-burring, de-scaling, shot peening on parts like steel and iron. This is additionally used in versatile track-impact airless wheel shoot machines with the end goal of solid floor planning and profiling. Such shot is completely recyclable, non-destructive, and dimensionally exact, for which, generally requested in differing enterprises. The Garnet Steel Shot can be profited in various sizes according to require.

Garnet is a hard, overwhelming and strong grating. It is utilized to clean steel in different applications including tanks, shipbuilding and fixes, pipelines, seaward stages and so forth to give the surface complete to powder coaters. The best piece of this grating is that, it very well may be reused up to multiple times

Focal points of Garnet Steel Shot for Shot Blasting

  • Various range of grades and composition available for different jobs and profiles
  • Predominant surface profile – garnet grains make a uniform profile for all intents and purposes free of insertion, giving a fantastic surface to covering grip
  • Cost– successful – exceedingly viable, low utilization.
  • Non-lethal – idle and normal, with under 1% free crystalline silica
  • Recyclable up to multiple times
  • Low residue levels – enhanced administrator perceivability
  • Simple cleanup
  • Non-reactant – won’t meddle with your coatings
  • Non-porous – won’t draw dampness

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