Glass Bead

Glass Beads in India

Glass beads are produced from sans lead, soft drink lime-type glass, containing no free silica that is made into preformed ball shapes. Glass beads
create a much smoother and more splendid complete than precise abrasives. Glass beads impacting produces a spotless, splendid, glossy silk complete, without dimensional difference in the parts. Glass beads can be reused roughly multiple times. Synthetically dormant and ecologically amicable, glass beads are a satisfactory technique for metal cleaning or surface completing when appropriately controlled.

Glass Bead Sand Blasting Applications:

Glass beads impacting produces a spotless, splendid, silk complete, without dimensional difference in the parts. Accessible in a wide scope of sizes, glass dabs are principally utilized in shooting cupboards for sharpening, cleaning, peening, mixing, completing the process of, expelling light burrs and cleaning most light remote issue. For sensitive thin-walled parts and thin welds, peening with glass globule rough material gives the correct equalization of stress alleviation without over-pushing and causing harm. Consider the span of holes or openings through which the glass globules must pass when screen isolating parts from media after use.

Sand Blasting Glass Beads is sprayed utilizing packed air to the work piece surface; the object is to expel the surface oxide layer, rust, and so on so as to enhance the surface appearance.

It is utilized particularly to pursue materials, tempered steel – last surface treatment, aluminum parts before anodic oxidation or coat tormenting by straightforward coat paints, other non-ferrous metals – metal, bronze, copper, pre-treatment before galvanization – nickel and chrome painting.

Glass Beads Sand Blasting Abrasive Size Chart

Indian Standard: Sandblasting glass beads

1.Coarse I     ‘O’SGB – 2600 – 8000.023 – 0.033
2.Coarse II   ‘BL’SGB – 3425 – 6000.016 – 0.023
3.Medium      ‘C’SGB – 4250 – 4250.009 – 0.016
4.SGB – 5212 – 4250.008 – 0.016
5.SGB – 6212 – 3000.008 – 0.011
6.SGB – 7180 – 3000.007 – 0.011
7.SGB – 8125 – 2500.005 – 0.010
8.Fine          ‘AD’SGB – 9106 – 2120.004 – 0.008
9.Superfine I ‘AF’SGB – 1090 – 1500.003 – 0.006


Sio2 ( Silicon Dioxide)â‰70%
Hardnessâ‰5.5 Mohs
ColourColourless and transparent with no visible bubbles or impurities
Grain ShapeRound / Spherical

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