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Maan Global Industries is the best Motor Drying Oven Manufacturer in India since 2006: Effective Motor Drying Oven at cheap prices with superior technology and the best motor winding baking oven manufacturer in India.

We offer high performance drying oven for electric motors, through which such a complex item can be effectively dried, uniform heating process for motor drying requirements. The drying process happens at a rapid pace, enabling faster moisture removal and at the same time it is done at lower temperature due to superior thermal insulation of our motor drying ovens. Look into our latest model and check out advanced features through which the drying process can be completed faster, making it a very cost effective equipment.

motor drying oven manufacturer

Electric Motor Drying Oven – Faster Drying At Low Power Consumption

The unique aspect about our electric motor drying oven is its design and ease of use which makes it the first choice for motor manufacturing companies. The doors have perfect sealing design to ensure uniform heating. The heating chamber and shelves are made from stainless steel, which can withstand the extreme temperatures ensuring longer service life even after continuous operation. Through a set of PID controllers, various temperature settings can be programmed as per the drying temperature and cycle time requirements. Motor manufacturing companies, motor maintenance companies use our electric motor drying oven and motor winding baking oven including powder coating, pharmaceutical, auto parts, electroplating, silicon, rubber, plastic, Teflon, welding electrode etc.

Our hi-tech electric motor drying ovens are capable of running under extreme weather conditions where moisture is high such as in humid climates and offer efficient drying results to the customers. During humid or rainy season, inner parts of electric motors become humid due to contact with moisture in the air and when they are not used for long periods, motor winding gets damp. In such situations, the best way to dry the motors is by drying it with our advanced electric motor drying oven. Periodical drying of electric motors increases their shelf life, enables them to function normally thus preventing motor damages and short circuits or winding damages.

In older days electric motors were dried using an flame which was risky and lead to accidents frequently. Using motor drying oven, such issues cab be prevented and they carry out drying safely and thoroughly and they are also easy-to-operate. They come with a durable construction and lightweight frame and the design offers quick cleaning and maintenance.

We are an electric motor drying oven manufacturer offering advanced models with customized features through which the drying process can become simple, can be done fast, uniformly and at low cost. Carry out electric motor drying process at low cost and fast pace.

Working Principle of Motor Drying Oven

The motor drying oven is a special drying chamber with hot air circulation and automatic intelligent control of the whole drying process. The top of the motor curing oven is equipped with a large air volume, low noise and temperature resistant centrifugal fan, The heating chamber is set in the air ducts on both sides of the inner liner. When working, the air is supplied vertically from the lower part of the left and right air ducts (about 1 / 3 height) in the working chamber, so that the parts are heated from all directions. After full heat exchange between the hot air in the working chamber and the workpieces, the hot air evenly flows back to the top suction chamber, and then is sent to the air ducts on both sides (heating chamber) through the fan for heating again. This cycle repeats all the time.

The forced hot air circulation is carried out by the circulation fan with large air volume and high air pressure so as to ensure the good temperature uniformity in the working chamber. The temperature in the vacuum impregnation process can meet the process requirements.

This motor winding baking oven has the characteristics of high temperature control precision, simple operation, energy saving, high safety and reliability. Vacuum pressure impregnation plant is widely used in coil impregnation drying (curing) process of motor industry and curing after epoxy dry casting.

Motor Drying Oven Supplier and Motor Winding Baking Oven Manufacturer

With a vision to be a preferred motor drying oven manufacturer, we are actively indulged in manufacturing and supplying Motor Drying Oven at low prices. All the ovens are manufactured with best quality steel and components using advanced machinery and latest technology. As one of the leading Motor Drying Oven manufacturer in India all the ovens come with with latest features to offer maximum functionality in time and energy efficient manner. All the ovens are customized as per the technical specifications  and as per the requirements of the customer at reasonable rates. Motor drying oven price starts from Rs. 2,50,000 Lacs and goes up to Rs. 15,00,000 for a large size motor winding baking oven.

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