Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine in India

Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine

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Tumblast Shot blasting machines come in various sizes, models and have different applications for different cleaning and peening purposes. If you have small to medium size components or metal parts that you want to clean through shot blasting process in bulk or small batches then Tumb Type Shot Blasting machine is the most suitable for the task.

A tumble type shot blasting machine starts @ Rs. 2.25 lacs has a special rubber belt having anti-abrasive property arranged as a cradle receives the metal parts to be treated and with is movement the metal parts are in constant tumble.

When in operation the metal pieces are hit by a continuous spray of jet abrasives propelling at high speeds achieved by a centrifugal wheel connected to an electric motor. Loaded parts receive a uniform shot blasting treatment on all the sides and every corner as they continuously change position due to the moving rubber.

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Some applications of a Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine in India:

  • It is ideal for cleaning and reconditioning of automotive components such as brakes, gears, and shock absorbers – The blasting treatment carried on such components allows the removal of residual deposits of oxidation and combustion. Removes earth and dust accumulated during years of use allowing recovery of the components.
  • Idea for Shot-peening purposes of spring and mechanical elements – The shot blasting process allows compressing the surface layer of springs and mechanical elements built to resist to frequent alternate stress thereby increasing the fatigue breaking strength.
  • Cleaning and deburring of Casting Components in Foundries– Almost all the foundries have tumble type shot blasting machine to remove the ceramic layers deposited on the casting components. The ceramic layers are crushed by the abrasives hitting against the ceramic layers at high speeds and the casting component is free from the layers and is superbly cleaned due to the impact of the high velocity shots.
  • Highly effective in Cleaning of tools – Welding residues and deposits are removed effectively from the surface of the tools by the shot blasting process. It is also very effective in cleaning the deposits that form on the surface of the tools after the heat treatment. Before coating the surface shot blasting is carried out to make the surface more porous to allow better absorption of the coating material by the surface of the tools or metal parts.
  • Deburring of Forged component and Machined Components – Shot blasting allows deburring of forged components and machined components by removing the burs or uneven surfaces that form during the forging process or machining of the metal components.


MA-20” X 27”

MA-27” X 36”

Tumbler (Basket) Size

20” x 27”

27” x 36”

Size of Wheel (dia x width)



Number of Wheel



Workload Capacity:

Volume (Cubic Feet)

Weight (Kgs)





H.P. of Blast Wheel



Shots Flow Rate (kg/hr.)



Type of Dust Collector

Fabric Bag

Fabric Bag

Dust Collector Capacity

1200 cfm


Shaking of Bags



Total Power Consumption

12.5 HP


Dimension of Machine




1360 mm

1500 mm

4050 mm

1600 mm

1900 mm

4600 mm

Dimension of Dust Collector




1200 mm

970 mm

2460 mm

1450 mm

1310 mm

3700 mm

Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Process:

Abrasive Blasting System:
Blast Cabinet & Liners:
The blast cabinet is fabricated from thick heavy duty prime quality mild steel plates supported by strong  rolled structure welded construction and engineered suitably for strength and rigidity to guarantee the sturdiness. This robust rolled structure with thick plate foundation holds stand the machine & helps to control the vibration within permissible limits. The blast cabinet bottom is provided with mild steel perforated floor for the protection against abrasion wear.
The blast wheels generate kinetic energy to strike the abrasive on the job perfect s. The blast wheels are continually in running condition. Only abrasive control valves are opened or closed at the time of blasting cycle starts & stops respectively.

Thick Liners are fitted on barrel heads in direct Blast Zone. The cabinet
steel liners and the interior of doors lined with special grade rubber sheet having very high thickness . This rubber sheet has special property to retard aeration on account of ricocheting of abrasive. As
and when these liner worn- out, the particular plate/s are only to be replaced.

Blast Wheel Assembly:
Shot Blasting Machine is equipped with bi directional wheels having extra abrasive resistant “EXR” graded special EN alloy made from forged plates and précised machined & ground components for expected satisfied life & specified value added perfect finish by a continuous improvement processes at each & every stages.

The centrifuged wheels are coupled with an electric motor by an arrangement through shaft & pulley are highly efficient blast wheels stations, which are installed strategically on the cabinet side wall to blast at
an appropriate striking angle with the line of job hanger rotation. This result in the perfect s to be blast cleaned is exposed equally for homogenous cleaning & optimized power consumption distribution to each
of the wheels.

Abrasive Recycling System:
Bucket Elevator:
The thrown spent abrasives fall by gravity into cabinet hopper after striking on the components through perforated belt. The abrasives from hopper slide down into the boot of the Bucket Elevator which are elevated to the elevator head section at the desired height with the help of seamless buckets mounted on fabric plied rubber belt. Tensioning arrangement of elevator belt for removal of tensioned belt length is provided at the top portion of the elevator, hence no slippage of belt. The elevator head pulley rotation throws the abrasives centrifugally to the Media Separator Unit. Media separation system continuously segregates usable abrasive from unusable abrasive & debris. The usable abrasives are transferred into
the hopper for sufficient abrasive storage.

Job Tumbling System:
The components to be blasted are loaded on to the endless rubber conveyor belt. Load Charging Capacity of Tumbler  varies from different sizes of the  machine. The rubber conveyor belt tumbles the components gently and ensures adequate exposure of the components in the blasting area for defined time period

Dust Collection System:
Fabric Bag Dust Collector:
The fabric bag type dust collector having number of tubular filter bag is provided. The dust laden air enters the dust collector through side and passes into a settling and equalizing compartment. Through expansion in the equalizing compartment, the air velocity drops and flow is distributed over the entire settling area. The air then flows up and away from storage hopper causing the heavier dust particles to settle down, the fine particles floating upward into filter tube. The clean air passes through the tubes and
is exhausted through the blower.

Electrical Control Panel & Wiring:
It is composed of:-
Control panel: It is an independent dust proof aesthetic look control panel having the latest control system with inter-locked for auto sequence is provided.

Instrumentation: The ammeter for each throwing wheel and voltmeter are fitted for instant and accurate reading. The various timers of reputed make are provided for blasting operation.
Protection: It is entails by contactors, relays, push buttons, main isolation switch, safety limit switch, emergency switch, grounding system, inbuilt single-phase prevention, over-load & short circuit protection, HRC fuses, indicating lamps etc. The time control device is provided with
visual lamp indicator depicting the passage of time. Various safety features are inbuilt in the system like blast wheel motor will not operate if door is opened.
Electrical power distribution: It is with transformer for low voltage internal consumption, complete wiring on the machine with cables, protection guides, cable with terminal connections & complete wiring inside the electrical panel

Safety Features:
All exposed power drives are equipped with totally enclosed safety vibration free guards. The safety guards may be easily and quickly removed & refitted for equipment maintenance.
The blast cabinet doors are equipped with safety interlock switches to automatically shut off the blast wheel units, if by accident either door should be opened during the blasting operations. The switch also prevents starting the wheels unless the doors are completely closed.

Having experience of over a decade in the shot blasting industry and over 2 decades in automobile OEM environment our expert designers and technicians manufacture each shot blasting machine using the highest quality of raw materials and equipments.

Combining our experience, expertise and commitment to the quality makes us the leading manufacturer of Tumb type shot blasting machine in India.

Range of Tumblast Shot blasting machine starts from Rs. 3.25 lacs and goes upto 15 lacs depending on your requirements and nature of job.

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