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Aluminum heat treatment refers to the process by which the strength and hardness aluminum alloys are increased. Precipitation hardenable aluminum alloys include the 2XXX, 6XXX, 7XXX and 8XXX series. In addition, annealing may be required for parts that have experienced strain hardening during their forming process. MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES is the leading Aluminum heat treatment furnace manufacturers in India. Precipitation hardening furnace manufacturer for Aluminum products and aging oven manufacturer. T6 Hardening furnace for Aluminum in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Nashik, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata.  

aluminum heat treatment furnace

The typical aluminum heat treatments are annealing, homogenizing, solution heat treatment, natural aging, and artificial aging (also known as precipitation hardening). Depending on the exact process being used, furnace temperatures can range from 240 to 1000°F. It is important to keep in mind that the heat treating of aluminum is quite different from steel. Aluminum 6061-T6: This is a specific alloy of aluminum that is commonly used for structural applications and is known for its strength and hardness.

The typical aluminum heat treatments are annealing, homogenizing, solution heat treatment, natural aging, and artificial aging (also known as precipitation hardening). Depending on the exact process being used, furnace temperatures can range from 240 to 1000°F. It is important to keep in mind that the heat treating of aluminum is quite different from steel. Here’s a very useful article on heat treating alloys made of aluminum.

Heat treating is a critical step in the aluminum manufacturing process to achieve required end-use properties. The heat treatment of aluminum alloys requires precise control of the time-temperature profile, tight temperature uniformity and compliance with industry-wide specifications so as to achieve repeatable results and produce a high-quality, functional product.

The most widely used specifications are AMS2770 (Heat Treatment of Wrought Aluminum Alloy Parts) and AMS2771 (Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloy Castings), which detail heat-treatment processes such as aging, annealing and solution heat treating in addition to parameters such as times, temperatures and quenchants. As one of the leading aluminum heat treatment furnace manufacturers in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Jabalpur, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Nagpur, India, MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES also manufacturers aluminum aging ovens. 

Heat Treatment Processes of Aluminum Alloys

In general, the principles and procedures for heat treating wrought and cast alloys are similar. For cast alloys, however, soak times tend to be longer if the casting is allowed to cool below a process-critical temperature for the particular alloy. Let’s have a look at the various Heat Treatment processes of Aluminum Alloys:

Annealing furnace manufacturer India

Annealing is used for both heat-treatable and non-heat-treatable alloys to increase part ductility with a slight reduction in strength. There are several types of annealing treatments dependent to a large extent on the alloy type, initial and final microstructure and temper condition. In annealing it is important to ensure that the proper temperature is reached in all portions of the load. The maximum annealing temperature needs to be carefully controlled.

During annealing, the rate of softening is strongly temperature dependent – the time required can vary from a few hours at low temperature to a few seconds at high temperature. Full annealing (temper designation “O”) produces the softest, most ductile and most versatile condition. Other forms of annealing include: stress-relief annealing, used to remove the effects of strain hardening in cold-worked alloys; partial annealing (or recovery annealing) done on non-heat-treatable wrought alloys to obtain intermediate mechanical properties; and recrystallization characterized by the gradual formation and appearance of a microscopically resolvable grain structure.

Solution Heat Treatment Furnace Manufacturers

Solution heat treatment is similar to annealing, but it involves quenching, which is the rapid cooling of the alloy to preserve the distribution of the elements. In solution heat treatment the elements that cause age hardening dissolve, undissolved elements become spheroids, and the whole structure becomes homogenized. The quench traps dissolve elements in the solution that will later precipitate out and create the age hardening effect. Right after the quench the alloy is usually easy to work with, but as time passes, it will harden and become difficult to work. Nasa guide to heat treatment of alumnium alloys.

Solution heat treatment occurs at a range from 825°F to 980°F, with the specific temperature depending on the alloy. A big difference in this process from many other heat treatment methods is that there is a very narrow margin for error – around ±10°F of the alloy’s target temperature. If the alloy is below the narrow range, strength is lost. Above the target widow and there is a risk of discoloration, increased strain, or other elements melting, which requires a complete reprocessing of the alloy.

Soaking time is another key component of solution heat treatment, and it is a measure of time from when the coldest metal reaches the minimum limit of the desired range until quenching. For thin parts, the soaking time may be 10 minutes, while a heavy part may need 12 hours to soak. The general rule of thumb is one hour of soaking for each inch of cross-sectional thickness. Excessive soaking time can increase oxidation and negate the benefits of protectively cladded parts.

Artificial Aging/Precipitation Hardening Furnace Manufacturers India

Some alloys require heat to fully precipitate out the dissolved elements and reach their maximum hardness. This process is called precipitation hardening. These alloys will harden some at room temperature, with the amount depending on the specifics of the alloy. Precipitation hardening happens between 240°F and 460°F with each alloy having a specific temperature. To get the best results the temperature needs to be within ±5°F of the alloys specific temperature. This process takes from six to twenty-four hours, depending on the alloy. Once soaking is complete, the material is often air cooled to room temperature. Maan Global Industries is among the leading aluminum heat treatment furnace manufacturers in India. 

Precipitation hardening: This is a type of heat treatment that is often used to increase the strength of aluminum alloys, including T6. During this process, the material is heated and then cooled to form tiny, uniform particles within the metal structure, which improve its strength and hardness. If you are looking for a Precipitation Hardening furnace manufacturer for Aluminum products then contact Maan Global Industries.


Quenching is in many ways the most critical step in the sequence of heat treating operations. The objective of quenching is to preserve as nearly intact as possible the solid solution formed at the solution heat treating temperature, by rapidly cooling to some lower temperature, usually near room temperature.

Critical Temperature Range. The fundamentals involved in quenching precipitation-hardenable alloys are based on nucleation theory applied to diffusion-controlled solid state reactions. The effects of temperature on the kinetics of isothermal precipitation depend principally upon degree of supersaturation and rate of diffusion.

Quenching Medium. Water is not only the most widely used quenching medium but also the most effective. It is apparent that in immersion quenching, cooling rates can be reduced by increasing water temperature. Conditions that increase the stability of a vapor film around the part decrease the cooling rate; various additions to water that lower surface tension have the same effect.

T6 Hardening Furnace Manufacturer for Aluminum and Drop Bottom Quench Furnace Manufacturer

T6 heat treatment for Aluminum is a critical process that requires a Drop bottom Quench furnace with an integrated Quench Tank. The condition for T6 heat treatment of aluminum is that the heated aluminum must be quenched in the water within 7 seconds of coming out the furnace hearth. There are several manufacturers that produce aluminum T6 hardening furnaces in India but you should consider the track record of the T6 hardening furnace supplier, Maan Global Industries is the leading manufacturer of T6 hardening furnace and Drop Bottom quench furnace for Aluminum heat treatment in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Nashik, Bengaluru, Orissa, Chennai.

Annealing Heat Treatment Process Guide

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Aluminum Heat Treatment Furnace manufacturers, T6 Hardening furnace, Aging Oven and Precipitation Treatment furnaces for Aluminum

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