Concrete Batching Plant In UAE

concrete batching plant uae

A Concrete Batching Plant is a large construction outfit that’s used to form concrete mixing various constituents similar as water, sand, gravel, crushed rocks, fly ash, silica, fume, slag and cement. As one of the leading Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE, Maan Global diligence manufactures different types of batching plants similar as Dry mix Concrete Plant, Wet Mix concrete Plant, Mobile Concrete Plant, Stationary concrete plant. A Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE is a company that manufactures construction outfit used in Concrete conformation for construction purpose.

A Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer and Supplier  in UAE, Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah manufactures 20 m3/ hr batching plant, 30 m3/ hr batching plant, 60 m3/ hr and upto 120 m3/ hr capacity. While mobile Concrete Batching Plants are manufactured in different capacities ranging from 10 m3/ hr to 60 m3/ hr capacity. A Mobile Concrete batching Plant With Reversible Drum Type Mixer of capacity 20 m3/ hr. The cost of a Fixed Types Concrete Batching Plant is approx. AED 79,000 with a capacity of 30 m3/ hr.

Mixers can be horizontal or tilt– up and in some cases both. The main element of the concrete batching plant is the mixerBelow is a list of concrete batching plant parts and accessories


Concrete Batching Plant In UAE

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